drop pendant light a suspended ceiling ...

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-04
Chandelier is a good way to focus on lighting in a designated area.The chandeliers hang on the ceiling, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular.Regardless of the method used to hang the light, adjusting the length is as easy as cutting the pipe or wire used to hang the light from the ceiling to the desired length.This is still correct when installing pendant lamps on the suspended ceiling.The method used to install the existing fixture on the ceiling determines the difficulty of installing the chandelier in its position.
Find the circuit breaker in the electrical panel that controls the lamp current.Switch it to the off position.Place the ladder under the existing light fixture.Remove the lid from the existing fixture and remove the bulb.
Remove the screw that connects the fixture to the junction box and disconnect the wire.Please note the method of installing the junction box to the suspended ceiling by removing the ceiling tile next to the fixture.If it is strong enough to support the pendant fixture, skip to step 5.
Hang a lead hammer from the ceiling until it is directly on the junction box and mark the ceiling.Drill holes for threaded ceiling hooks on this mark.Fix the threaded ceiling hook to the ceiling.
Cut off a swing group chain with a tin cut, from the hook to the junction box.Connect one end of the chain to the ceiling hook with screws and washers, and the other end to the junction box.
If necessary, pass the wire through the pipe and roof (canopy) from the chandelier ).Connect the wires according to the instructions of the chandelier manufacturer.
Push the wire into the junction box and fix the top plate on the junction box.Install the correct bulb on the chandelier.Switch the circuit breaker back to the on position.
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