dining room pendant light How to Install Lighting Fixtures for a Dining Room's Height

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
dining room pendant light How to Install Lighting Fixtures for a Dining Room\'s Height
The height of the restaurant can determine where your lighting is in the room, but you should follow some lighting rules to make sure you balance the lighting.Your guests should have plenty of light to watch their meals, but don't worry about the lighting they may run into while they are standing.A fixture should hang at a height that allows you to see the opposite of the table without hindrance, and should be high enough to illuminate the whole room without making your eyes shine.Installing wall lighting at the appropriate height can enhance the room and attract your attention to the whole room, not just the center.Measure the height of the restaurant and the width of the table to ensure that you have purchased the lighting equipment with the correct size.A 48-Inch diameter table needs 24-Inch diameter chandelier.Always allow 12 inch space between the outside diameter of the chandelier and the outer edge of the table.Consider buying two.Ceiling lamps can be installed if your room is over 9 feet square meters.Place the lighting on the table in the restaurant.Leave 30 inch space between the bottom of the chandelier and the desktop, and the room height is 8 feet.For ceilings above 3 inch, add 8 feet more space.Pick the wall lighting equipment that matches or complements the chandelier.The bottom of the fixture should be suspended between 5 and 6 feet from the floor.Ask the assistant to keep the fixture at the suggested height against the wall and adjust the fixture until you find the proper balance between the chandelier and the wall fixture.
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