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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-14

If you have a restaurant or entrance that requires new lighting, you may want to hang a chandelier.Homeowners with concrete ceilings see this as a daunting task that can only be done by electricians or home contractors.Hiring is either going to cost a lot of money and you 'd better spend it on other things.But you can do the task yourself with some tools and cansdo spirit.Before starting, if there is no wiring to the ceiling, please ask the electrician to wire it.Turn off the power outlet or wire attached to the chandelier attached to the concrete ceiling.Move any furniture from where the chandelier hangs.Place a drop cloth on the floor below the installation area to capture the falling concrete dust.Wear eye protection and dust cover.Drill holes in the concrete ceiling with a masonry drill.Insert the anchor into the pilot hole and flush with the ceiling using a rubber mallet hammer.Fix the mounting bracket on the guide hole using the fixing screw and screw gun.When you connect the wire, ask the assistant to hold the chandelier.Wrap the ground wire around the ground column on the bracket.Twist the positive and negative lines together.Fix two wires with wire nuts.Turn the chandelier with screws or onto the mounting bracket.Drop the chandelier easily and stably.If you install a chandelier in the restaurant, hang the chandelier 30 to 36 inch above the restaurant table.Have your assistant turn the power back on and light up the chandelier for testing.Remove the ladder, drop the cloth and replace the furniture under the newly installed chandelier.
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