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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-14

Although an L-The shape of the living room is a common designBedroom apartment, difficult to decorate in furniture placement and creating cohesive design.Although there are no fixed furniture placement rules, several design options will open the room and connect the L-Living room.Some planning is necessary as it needs to meet your existing furniture and space needs.Write down a list of parts or rooms you plan to include in L-Living room.This layout is perfect for combining two rooms, such as a living room with a dining room or a living room with an office.When you finish the list, select a focus, such as your TV or fireplace.Place the sofa or sofa in the main corner of L-Form a shape on an angle or shaft, so the sofa or sofa gathers the room together, not apart.Place it opposite the selected focus.Avoid placing large pieces of furniture against the wall as it separates the room.Second placeLargest furniture after 90 sFrom the point of view of the focus, the connection between the big furniture and the focus is established.Add a restaurant table or desk to L-The shape of the room, but the main table or table is reclined from the corner, so it matches the existing furniture in the room.The diagonal position opens L-Therefore, it creates a coherent design with focus and larger living room furniture.Fill the smaller space in the living room with smaller items such as coffee tables, foot mats, plants, floor lamps and dining room chairs or tables and chairs.Avoid putting plants and floor lamps in the corner, as they become isolated compared to other furniture in the room.Spread out the floor lamp so you can have proper lighting in all corners of the room.Use a repeated pattern or color in L-The shaped living room, whether it's a dining table or a home office, can combine all the furniture in the room.Add similar wall pictures in the living room, place vases or accessories on the bookshelf or bookcase, add pillows on the sofa, and match table mats on the dining room table.
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