dining room lighting create the desired ambience in your

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-05
The restaurant uses interesting accessories to complement the furniture and create an attractive atmosphere.Pick some good furniture and arrange it in a balanced rather than cluttered way.Create visual effects by skillfully utilizing contrasting colors and intelligent lighting.Studies have shown that the place and manner of eating is very important;Maybe as much as you eatYour restaurant is not just a dining chair and dining table;The atmosphere here is warm and warm.The restaurant should be the place you like, not just the place to sit down and eat.Accessories: collect interesting restaurant accessories such as unusual cake platter, pasta container, perfume bottle, handmade or hand-painted kettle or vase, etc.A beautiful vase in the middle of the dining table, or placed in your dining room kitchen, is a fun focus, adding a lovely decorative accent to the room.Acake platter or decorative salver can both function and appreciate it well.It can be used for desserts such as cakes and snacks.Decorative elements such as wall art, photo frames or antiques can be used to create some attractive accents, but not to use too much;The living room is a great place to show these things.Furnished: cluttered furniture will never be appealing, so try not to squeeze too much dining room furniture into your dining space.Choose a few pieces of furniture that are well matched;The room was well arranged, the room looked balanced and well arranged.While tables and chairs should always be placed in the middle, you can create a sense of balance by selecting some corner cabinets, using drawers on the other side of the room to offset tables and chairs or sideboards on one side, to give an elegant feel and practical storage options.Visual impact: There are two things that create the biggest visual impact: lighting and color schemes.Don't be a slave to color coordination.If everything is too well-coordinated in color, the final look will look bland.In order to produce visual effects, the contrast effect is better.For example, if your dining room furniture is made of dark material, use a light colored tablecloth, or apply a light color to the wall.If your walls are light colored, use bright and cheerful colors for your meal mat or the pottery you use.Mix and match to get a fun and colorful palette to produce the best visuals.Also, be careful to choose your lighting and you can decide to go to the central chandelier (make sure it is not too big for the room or it will give a messy impression) then use some other spotlight to highlight some special furniture or decorations around the room.If you want to use a chandelier, make sure your ceiling is high enough, otherwise it is better to use some table or floor lamp that is well placed.Heavy curtains and tapestries may not be the best option for your restaurant, and the light and airy look is usually more suitable for this space.
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