dining room chandeliers Chandelier Size Recommendations

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
dining room chandeliers Chandelier Size Recommendations
By definition, the chandelier is a gorgeous lighting device hanging on the ceiling.The chandelier has traditionally been used in the dining room and foyer of the family and has found new life in other rooms as well.They provide a charming accent in the bathroom, bedroom and even the living roomThe installed ceiling fixtures, while providing much-needed general lighting, do not.The wider use creates the need for a wider selection of sizes.Just like any design element in the room, the proper proportions and proportions of the chandelier are important to create the right look and feel.In a large room with a high ceiling, a small and narrow chandelier will look sparse, while in a small room with a low ceiling, a wide and oversized chandelier will look crowded.The chandelier is in perfect proportion to the rest of the space and is an amazing detail that will definitely add romance and drama to any room.The key to choosing the right size chandelier is to understand the general guidelines used by designers.For every 1 feet of the ceiling height, the chandelier should be 2.5 to 3 inch tall.For example, 24-inch-High chandelier is the right height for a room with 9foot ceiling.The diameter of the chandelier is proportional to the width and length of the room.An easy way to determine the ideal diameter of the chandelier is to measure the width and length of the room and add two numbers together;The result is the diameter of the inch required.For example, a room with 12 feet by 12 feet needs a room with 24-inch diameter.Determine the size of the chandelier required for the restaurant is slightly different from the formula for other rooms.Instead of measuring the width and length of the room, measure the width or diameter of the table, minus 12 inch, to find the ideal diameter of the chandelier.For example, a table with a width of 36 inch requires a chandelier 24 inch wide.The height of the chandelier is relative to the height of the ceiling above the table.The standard distance between the surface of the table and the bottom of the chandelier is between 30 and 32 inch.The size of the bathroom has increased with luxurious appointments such as the oversized oval bathtub known as the garden tub.The garden tub is ideal for bubble bath, where lighting is often installed.Hang a mini chandelier on the bathtub in the bathroom to add a touch of luxury, drama and charm to the room.The garden tub is usually in a corner, or on one side of the bathroom, with a smaller area.Choosing a narrow and small mini chandelier adds visual interest without losing the charm of the chandelier.
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