designer pendant lights How to Use Medallions With Pendant Lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
designer pendant lights How to Use Medallions With Pendant Lights
The ceiling medal offers instant upgrades to ceiling fixtures for any type of hanging lighting, including fans, chandeliers, and chandeliers.No matter which type of light fixture is used under the ceiling Grand Medal, the same basic rules or guidelines apply, except for ceiling fans, because the blades are large in diameter.The scale and proportion associated with fixtures and rooms are important factors, as well as important factors for finishes and styles.As a practice, the diameter of the medal through the ceiling should be lamps of different sizes for diameter.The medal should be larger or smaller than the diameter of the pendant, but the proportion is similar.To maintain a balanced look in the room, a smaller ceiling medal should be about 2 out of 3 of the width of the pendant.For larger medals, use pendants about 2 out of 3 with medal size.The smaller medal fits well with multiple chandeliers mounted on tables or kitchen islands.Maintain proper proportions to help balance the space-A common principle of interior decoration.Formulas and ratios help to calculate the appropriate proportions.Use the square foot of the room as a guide to the size of the diameter, for example the maximum diameter of the 20 inch square foot room is 140, 30 inch to 140 square feet of rooms 20 to 10, 40 inch to 210 rooms 30 to 280, 40 inch or larger in 280 square feet or larger.A simple formula for determining the appropriate size of the medal is to multiply the length and width of the room by foot to determine the square foot and divide it by 7, this gives you the approximate diameter (in inches) of the large medal pendant light ).The height of the ceiling can also help you determine if it is bigger or smaller on the medal.Small medals tend to get lost in large rooms or high ceilings in the foyer that hold larger medals without flooding the space.A 9-The foot ceiling can easily accommodate a large medal of ceiling with a diameter of up to 32 inch.The smaller medal adds a sophisticated touch to the lower ceiling in the hallway, bathroom and bedroom.The ceiling medal is basically a decorative look similar to Crown styling, door and window housing, Rose Knot and decorative balls.Choose a ceiling medal similar to the other decor of the room, pendant style and overall architectural style of the home.The modern style is rarely decorated, but the lines are smooth, clean or unusual in shape and complement the modern pendant well.Pre-The primer White medal with a complex engraving design imitates the plaster medal and can be placed as is or painted with a faux finish.Metal finishes add a rustic or retro look and add pendants like finishes such as bronze.Coordinate with existing wall colors or add gold bronzes for premium look.
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