crystal pendant lighting crystal purification introduction (degaussing method)

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-08

When you get the new crystal, it will be better to use two after cleaning, because when the crystal is mined, transported, processed, packaged, processed, sold, etc.It will experience many people's contact, and their information or energy is more or less stored and recorded by crystals.Since this crystal is willing to follow you in millions of years, we certainly hope that their records will be purified.Here is a mainstream purification method, but there will be more or less precautions for each illustration method. please take a closer look and then choose the one that suits you best.Place the crystal in the sun for a few hours and let the most powerful force of nature help clean your crystal.But be sure to keep in mind that this method does not apply to the purple crystals, yellow crystals, or rose quartz, etc. of colored gemstones, as these crystals are embedded in Fe (iron), Cu (copper) and other elements that are exposed for a long time can cause oxidation or crystals to change easily due to the high temperature in the faded molecular structure.(2) Low-To be honest, this is one of the most controversial purification methods at the moment.Because the crystal stone is highDensity, and there are usually cracks, the crystals become fragile after the freezing temperature is lower than zero, especially like K gold, silver, crystal pendants, etc.Due to the different extensibility of ore and metal, the combination of holes may cause some looseness after the temperature changes.The other is the crystal in the refrigerator after a night, don't want to wear it, immediately flush the water, if you do it right away, the Crystal will be in direct danger (if you are not afraid that the Crystal will be separated), and if you use this method, be sure to let him slowly warm the natural solution, which is the most correct.Look at the method. before entering the freezer, seal the crystal with a plastic bag or plastic wrap (prevent other food orders from stained with crystal, and put the crystal in the refrigerator for the night, which can purify the effect.This is one of the most commonly used methods.Put Crystal next to the vaporizer, fragrant (remember to use pure essential oil, can not use the essential oil to add chemicals), you can achieve the purification effect.However, this method will take a long time to drag.This method does not apply to large crystal ore because it is very tiring to move.Put the crystal into a container containing salt water and come out of the ocean atmosphere through untreated coarse salt to achieve a purification effect, free from time constraints, usually one night or 24 hours, after soaking, rinse the crystal in the sun or in the shade and enjoy his natural dryness.But this method does not apply to other jewelry crystals, such as KKIN, silver pendants, or bags on Chinese knot rope accessories, because the parts will be eroded and suddenly fall down one day on the body.If the crystal can also achieve the effect of purification through the blessing of the Master (if you are a long-The better the term practitioner ).If your crystal is the master's hand to purify yourselfcultivation, 。This is a great blessing to fix, but if someone in the store tells you when to buy it, to be honest, this is the blessing of the owner, it is better to talk about purification when you go home, in your spare time, hold your heart or Heart Sutra to your beloved Crystal Compassion.The effect is really good, whether it is the balance of Crystal energy or their cultivation is the best choice, and there are considerable advantages, the crystal frequency will be summarized with the complete unity of their frequency.The crystal is clean in unpolluted streams, and the crystal can be purified by natural positive energy.But it has to be used for the purification of the stream, not for the washing of the crystal stream home, which makes no sense.Putting the crystal into a natural crystal cave or crystal cluster can achieve a very good purification effect.After wearing the clothes for a whole day, add it to the crystal cave or Druid, the vibration energy of the Crystal Cave or Druid will continue to be stable, can effectively remove the negative energy inside the crystal, re-Charging, very good effect.The hole size is large and the effect is strong, but dozens of crystals do not need to be displayed, otherwise the effect will be reduced.I mentioned it before, but now people in the city are not so easy. you take an unspoiled stream to the mountain to purify, so open the faucet of your home, put in the Crystal a small wash your crystal for about ten minutes, wash and place in the sun or shade naturally through its drying, this crystal can also be effectively purified.Burial method is a powerful purification method. for example, people who are sick at home wear crystals. after all, crystals are born from the earth. The return of Crystal places to the original appearance is the best purification effect, but be sure to keep in mind that time is limited if there is no destroyed land, but it is recommended that more than a month's time be better.This method has its risks, most likely they will forget, but it will be painful to not find where to bury it, or to be with others.When you go to pray, take the Crystal Palace and purify it.There the crystal can feel the magical blessing, full of good intentions and good ideas.The space is also full of good positive magnetic fields.When you pray, express your own desire to pray, and remember that after completing the worship, say that the crystal in your hand can be the blessing of God, above the incense burner in front of God, three times left rotation, and then three times right rotation. after that, as for the crystal and then clap hands and merge, I sincerely thank you for your protection and blessing. the whole purification process is over.Because of the different religions, different methods of purification can also be used.In principle, as long as your sincere religious belief, basically, its purification effect is OK.Catholic and newly taught friends, the crystal can be brought to the church, allowing the great power of God and God to help you read the purification and blessing, if you can scoop the holy water that washes the crystal, it's also a very good clean energy that has the same function when you clean Crystal music on gospel songs or prayers.Crystal, if possible, in music full of peace and positive space, because music, like color, brings different magnetic fields and frequencies, and Buddhist music is recommended, gospel praise, natural crystal mosaic and other Western teachings.Crystals can be charged and purified.Any method of purification, when you put on the crystal, must fully trust your crystal, often speak to him, trust him, the Crystal will release more power than it usually does to help you.Because when their own beliefs are strengthened, the body will automatically release more power than static and energy at ordinary times, you feel that the magnetic field in the crystal will begin to give back more energy to your body than usual, and all your wishes have been fulfilled!
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