crystal light fixtures ceiling how to decorate a formal dining room by lori gilder

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-22

The dining space can be formal, casual or a combination of the two.Many traditional families have a formal restaurant and an informal kitchen.When planning to transform this area, consider either converting existing space or adding :-The size of your family-The number of guests you usually invite to dinner-The type of occasion you use the room.These facts will help guide you in planning the size, layout, and furniture of your final choice of dining space.In addition, traffic is also considered, especially close to the kitchen.Your restaurant is also a great place to store extra itemsIt is not usually suitable for large service in your kitchen.Do you put the built-inIn a cabinet or separate storage, be sure to provide enough space for the cabinet door to open completely.When planning lighting, consider all uses: notable enough for an elegant dinner party, bright enough for your child's birthday party.1.Add characters in the dining room by adding simple planks, shapes or beams to the ceiling.2.To get a more traditional feel and layered look, install some paneled wall panels and solid crown molding around the room.3.Increase the size of the substrate by adding another molding to the existing material to make it look stronger.4.If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors under the old green carpet, then just re-layFinish and stain it in a strong tone.5.When renovating the restaurant, check the plan to ensure that the existing furniture is re-integrated into the new space.6.The rectangular dining table is most suitable for the rectangular dining room.If you need to sit for 8 to 10 people, the recommended room size is at least 10 "6" x 15.7.The square or round table restaurant looks great.Rounds are my personal favorite as it provides a more intimate dining experience.For 8 to 10 people, the recommended room area is 8 feet square meters.The diameter table is usually a square space of 18 \ '6.8.Provide the focus of the restaurant by strengthening the existing fireplace or by introducing a beautiful kitchen cabinet to create a new episode, decorate your favorite artwork with a pair of colorful lights.9.Use a combination of light sources.In addition to the central fixture or chandelier, it is very effective to add some recessed halogen lamp fixtures to highlight the artwork or any other key components and your crystal and silverware will shine like a diamond10.From the desktop (from the top of the desktop to the underside of the lamp) hang the chandelier anywhere from 36 "to 42.Keep the fixture diameter 9 \"-12 \ "smaller than the width of your table.
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