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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-03
I am often asked what are the top ten mistakes men and women make in the second phase.The habit of eating HCG.The HCG diet plan is quite delicate.Small differences may mean no or smaller quantities, and then the ideal weight is reduced.If you're going to do a HCG diet, be aware of the top ten mistakes that people sometimes consciously or unconsciously ignore that prevent them from losing weight in the second phase of the HCG diet.
Don't consume enough body fat on your load night.Dr.Simeons explained that a fundamental mistake on the HCG protocol was not to consume a large amount of excess fat during the loading time.Eating or gobbling on food (especially body fat) when you start taking HCG, two nights helps build up your typical weight reserve so you won't be hungry for 1st weeks, helps you transition to a diet habit of 500 calories.
Those who do not overeat on load days will eventually become hungry at 1st weeks and will not lose weight.two.Do not stick to 500 calories or portions.Dr.Simeons clearly stated 100 grams of protein.An ounce close to 4 ounces.raw or three-Cooked a few ounces.Choosing a much smaller thing in everything will reduce the end result you want.
a few.
Not consuming enough normal water.
You should target the system fat of drinking an ounce of drinking water.If you are 200 a day, it should be 100 ounces of h2o.If you drink 16 ounces6 bottles of drinking water.
Eating habits like crystal lights, diet plan soda or other diet plan drinks.Still, people can give up drinking these drinks, but if you only drink normal water, tea, coffee and mineral water, it will definitely reduce the amount you will lose.five.Choose a similar protein, fruit or vegetable for lunch and dinner.
You need to make a difference between lunch and dinner every day.6.Choose beef with high fat content.American beef is extremely high in fat.We recommend a real lean cut like a London grilled or round steak.Even the extra thin burger may be fat.Try to get the butcher to cut the fat off a thin steak and grind it into burger meat.
Cook with oil or apply anything with oil on your system.This is a very sensitive eating habit.Your whole body is in a burning mode of weight.Your system will properly extract the oil through your skin, or use the oil in your food instead of extracting it from your weight reserve.
There are a lot of alternatives to use, but don't use something with oil in the second stage.8.Accept sugar in your seasoning, and so on.There is sugar in everything.Check out our sugar list and discover the many names of sugar.
Start reading the labels, especially on your seasonings.9.I hope to participate in the second phase.The second cycle from the beginning of the house, you can accept it better.
If you wish to make this diet plan, you will pay a lot for the bland foods that rarely satisfy you.Not to mention the chemicals, etc.This is for "juicing" restaurant meals.If you consume too much, it will definitely be reflected in your weight loss.ten.Not enough rest.Most people sleep better in this diet plan.
Nevertheless, we found that those who consumed late and did not get enough rest seemed to have fallen less on the HCG diet plan
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