crystal chandelier lamp How to Restore a Crystal Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
crystal chandelier lamp How to Restore a Crystal Chandelier
Not only does the crystal chandelier add lighting to the room, but it can have a dazzling effect if it stays in good condition.Over time, the crystals and fixtures become dim due to the accumulation of dust and dirt.You can restore the original spark of the chandelier by thorough cleaning.While this can be time consuming, if you give yourself enough time to clean the crystal and polish the brass, you will be happy with the sparkling results.Clean up the ground space under the chandelier.Move the table or other furniture so you can easily use the chandelier throughout the process.Put a ladder under the chandelier.Place folding towels at the bottom of the sink or plastic tub and protect them when you put them in.Fill the sink with hot soapy water.Place the folded towel at the bottom of the second sink or plastic tub.Fill the sink or container with hot water.Add 1/4 cups of ammonia to the water to make the crystal more shiny.Before removing the chandelier crystal from the chandelier, draw the position of the chandelier crystal so that they return to the correct position.Or, take a photo of the chandelier to help replace the crystal.Work only on a part of the chandelier at a time to avoid confusion with the position of the crystal.Power off the chandelier before starting the cleaning and recovery process.Turn off the power at the wall switch or turn off the circuit breaker that supplies the fixture.Remove the bulb from the socket and put it aside.Remove the crystal from one arm of the chandelier.Lift them from metal fasteners or hooks that fix them.Put the crystal into the sink of soapy water.When the crystal is soaked, clean the dust on the chandelier arm with a damp cloth.If the brass arm loses its luster, polish it with brass.Remove a crystal from the soap water at a time and wipe it with a rag or rag to remove the soil or dirt.Make sure to wipe along the edge.Put the cleaned Crystal into the rinse water solution.Remove them from rinse water and dry each crystal with soft lintfree cloth.Put the Crystal back into the chandelier according to your chart or photo.Repeat the process with each arm of the chandelier until all parts are cleaned up.Wipe the bulb with a damp cloth.Thoroughly dry, pay special attention to drying before putting the bulb base back into the chandelier.Replace any burnt bulb with a new bulb.
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