crystal chandelier lamp How to Install a Chandelier Lamp Cord

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
crystal chandelier lamp How to Install a Chandelier Lamp Cord
Many chandeliers are designed to be hardAttached to the ceiling of the wall switch is firmly installed in the junction box.However, if you rent your house or apartment and want to install a chandelier, thenPermanent connection is required.In this case, you can install a swag kit on the chandelier.This will allow you to plug the chandelier into a standard socket.After about an hour, some basic hand tools can be installed on the chandelier.Before starting, remove the canopy of the chandelier.Place a ladder right below the area on the ceiling and you want to hang the chandelier from there.Use the stud finder to find the nearest ceiling pallet and use a pencil to mark the hole position corresponding to the center of the pallet on the dry wall.Insert a 1/8-The inch drill bit is drilled into the chuck of the power drill bit and into the ceiling support beam through the drywall.A trim hook is then screwed from the swag kit into the guide hole until the bottom of the hook is flush with the drywall.Move the ladder so that it is next to the socket where you want to connect the chandelier power cord.Drill a guide hole on the ceiling and drill a second hook on the exit.If there is no ceiling support beam in this position, tap the dry wall anchor from the swa kit with a hammer, and then screw the swa hook onto the anchor.Hey, exposed-The end of the wire of the Swag kit wire passes through every other link of the swag kit chain.Then use a pair of pliers to separate the last link of the swag kit chain and slide the last link of the chandelier chain to the separate link.Close the link with pliers and fix the swag kit chain to the chandelier chain.Slide a section of the heat shrink tube at the end of the wire of the swag kit.Strip off 1/2-Extend 1 inch from the end of the two insulated wires with a pair of stripping pliers.Connect the exposed end of the striped wire from the swag kit to the black wire on the chandelier and wrap the connection with electrical tape.Then connect the remaining two wires in the same way.Slide the heat shrink pipe over the connection and use a hair dryer to secure the pipe around the wire to shrink the pipe.Place the ladder under the hook hanging from the chandelier.Lift the chandelier and place it next to the hook.Raise or lower the chandelier until it reaches the desired height, and then hook the nearest link into the ceiling hook.Move the ladder to the hook on the wall socket and ring the chain to the hook, allowing the chain to pass through the ceiling.Adjust the ring attached to the second hook so that the passed chain looks the most attractive to your eyes.Plug the power plug of the swag kit into the socket and turn the rotary switch to test the light.
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