crystal basket chandelier Auntie Mame modern / Color puts a house with good bones -- and its owner -- in a good mood

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
crystal basket chandelier Auntie Mame modern / Color puts a house with good bones -- and its owner -- in a good mood
Naomi Epel's apartment in San Francisco5/27/04 in San FranciscoMike Capka/her Chronicles in the San Francisco apartment.5/27/04 in San FranciscoMike Capka of Chronicles magazine sat on the sofa listening to music this evening, Naomi Epel.From her seating in the living room, she could see brightly colored furniture and lush bushes on the deck.She leaned back on the sofa, her feet on the table.It was a cherished time in her home and when the day was over she could enjoy the surroundings."I call this modern aunt plum," she said ." She is referring to the heroine, Patrick Dennis, who was named by rosalyard Russell in 1958 films.She was surrounded by jewelry.Pillows, Persimmon walls and colorful fabrics and artwork.Looking at the house now, it is hard to believe that it is not always so attractive."It's hip but the bones are great," Epel said ." Epel moved in last year.The color is out of date and the panel is out of sync with the settings.There are crystal chandeliers in the house, but the location is not right.But it has character."There are a lot of wonderful details on the door, the wall panel and the press release, and two fireplaces ---"One is in the living room and one is in the main suite," Epel said .".The room was well lit and well ventilated, with a wall of windows looking out and seeing a spacious deck with trees."I want to be close to nature. it works."Epel has been living in the Edwardian era of the Noe Valley for years, but when a long timeThe term relationship is over. she needs to find a new home.While driving through Glen Park, she found an old French laundry room remodel a space similar to loftlike.It has easy access to her favorite shops and cafes and is close to the highway, ideal for work.Epel escorts the authors during the tour, driving them to book signing, speaking events or anywhere in the city they need to go.Her clients include Al Gore, Ariana Huffington and Pat Buchanan.Epel had promised to stay at the hotel and visited her old friend, Linda Applewhite, Marin interior designer )."I met Linda while she was hosting a family party when she was tipping on the radio," Epel said ."."I live in Berkeley and want to get the kitchen fixed, so I asked her to come over.We became good friends."I want a stylish, bohemian feel."I 've seen a picture of Mattis that uses a lot of oranges and red, and I know these are colors," Epel said ."."We have been trying to paint the pieces before we find the right color.They settled on Kelly Moore's "bridal wreath", which is yellow with red and burnt Siena.Epel has a budget, so Applewhite updates the parts using existing furniture or added accents or new paint.They also made sales."We took her couch from Pier 1 and added big jewelry pillows to make them look magnificent," Applewhite said .".The coffee table is a Chinese antique from San Anselmo.The owner bought it for herself, but her child was destroying it, so she decided to sell it, Epel said.French Empire-The style of the wardrobe comes from antiques and antiques in San Francisco, hiding TV and stereo equipment.There is a table between the sofa, rescued from her other house, with a tassel shawl hanging on it, which can play the taste of Aunt Ma Mei and disguise books.Epel planned a 19-day party after moving in."I hate shopping and making decisions, but I have no choice after three weeks of the party," she said .".They quickly walked from the living room to her bedroom with a wicker table and headboard at Pier 1, and Applewhite painted smooth black as a contemporary edge with Epel.12 rooms-The foot ceiling and bed are out of proportion to the space, so they also support the frame with bricks to make it look bigger and larger with the size of the room.The curtains are Italian bedding with folds, cheap sheets for beds, bathrooms and other places."The sheets are red and golden, so they glow when the sun shines," Applewhite said .".Epel bought a lamp from Cost Plus a few years ago, so Applewhite brings a range of fixtures with whimsical shades."The lights are an easy way to make the room feel comfortable, the curtains are orange or red, and the space becomes warmer when the lights are turned on," she said."They play around with lights and exchange bases and shades to suit each environment."Now I like our choices," Epel said ."A major acquisition is 1/2-foot-The long Ralph Lauren table was unearthed at half price in the blue stone Main of Petaluma."I have beautiful kilims, but there is a wall --to-There is no place to put carpets, "Epel said.Linda suggested using a piece of cloth as cloth for the table.It is gorgeous and perfectly tied with crystal chandeliers and abstract art."Epel enjoys Entertainment and 14 seats are easy to sit at the table.They also found two huge urn, Epel painted black on the table as a decoration.She also drew three black frames for Mexican prints that hang vertically on the recliner to create a niche for reading.There's a Geely next to the chair.Bought the table at the top and "a fun little red light" for $75 ".There are gray cabinets in the kitchen, the walls are yellow, and now the color of persimmons has been painted.Applewhite supports the picture on the cabinet and hangs a red tray behind the stove for contrasting colors.She also gave it a new life by drawing the old basket very highgloss black."Black represents rich colors," she explained ."A set of Tibetan stools in the pottery jar for guests to sit on and talk to Epel as she prepares dinner."There's a lot of red and orange stuff that I 've never lived with before," Epel said ."."I always choose cold tones, but Linda says you want the walls to be meat --So they are warm.Now people come over and feel very comfortable and they don't want to leave."The deck is an extra bonus, instead of going to the florist, they shop in the nursery to save money and water the growers with potted plants and Home Depot plant stands," epel said, "This supports the flowers, let them look lush and colorful. ".Canvas umbrellas, chairs and tables in the gap between crates and barrels, Applewhite finds orange pillows on the chair that can pull out orange from the outside interior.Less than three weeks after moving in, Epel held 25 parties.Friends love her new home and still hang out, but even though she loves entertainment, Epel is content to sit in a chair and enjoy a peaceful night and the surroundings.Tips for decorating Applewhite :--Splurge and buy a few good things that will be the bones of your place.The big table and wardrobe of Epel's home are two examples.--In addition to supporting the bed with bricks, try to cover the bed with a thick mattress and feather bed, which enhances the feeling of grandeur.--An umbrella provides outdoor shelter, making the garden or deck feel like another room, says Applewhite.She added a quirky filling table as an extra counter space and as a bar while entertaining large groups.--The bathroom sink had great marble but the pipes were bare so they made a lovely dress to hide the pipes and act as a storage for cleaning supplies.--Black is a good contrast.For a bohemian feel, Epel drew huge Collins columns from her previous house, above the oversized white apples and pears found by Sue Fisher King."They look elegant and artistic," says Applewhite .""Black paint can make anything look elegant," she added .".Linda appwhite, 828 Mission Avenue and Associates., San Rafael;(415) 456-2757.She is an interior designer whose work has appeared in national publications and HGTV.--K.C.
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