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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-28

We are using our magical powers of mystery, and there is no doubt that we have seen some ghosts --Your future Halloween decorationsLike this glowing crystal ball.This product uses the acrylic globe lampshade and even displays the Phantom.Ghosts predict that this will be a big blow to your Halloween.A 10-Inch clear acrylic globe for lamps and lanterns is the perfect crystal ball.You can find them at the lighting store.If possible, choose a globe on your neck so the globe will rise a little.The Globe also has different diameters, so find the right size for your decor.Pack three clear glass paper (about 12 inch by 30 inch each) on the globe and scrub the sheets when plugged in.Glass paper packaging is available at party supplies and crafts stores.Cut three to four smaller colored cellophane (about 6 inch by 12 inch) and insert them into the globe and place them between the clear cellophane.Red cellophane is used in this example, but any color you want is used.Colored cellophane looks like smoke floating on the Earth.Insert a string of batteries-Operate the LED fairy light on the Earth, slide the line between the cellophane layers to place the light evenly.Turn on the fairy lights so you can see them when you position them.A string of about 30 lights is enough to illuminate the earth and you can buy the lights at the craft store.I prefer fairy lights to traditional string lights because they are connected with a thin line that is almost invisible.For a truly weird crystal ball, we need a spectral visitor floating on Earth.To achieve this illusion, find a photo of a terrible face and bring the photo (or image file) to the copy store to have it printed on transparent film.Cut around the image with scissors.Position the image on the inner surface of the globe and let the crumpled cellophane fix it in place.Because the image is on a transparent film, it looks like it's floating and you can see it through it.Spooky!Now that fairy lights and spectral images are in place, fill more colored cellophane around the globe to prevent everything from moving around.A piece of paper 12 inch by 30 inch should be enough.Find a vase or flower pot, the base is the same size as the base of acrylic globe.Pour the vase over and display a crystal ball on it.Wrap the fabric around the vase to hide the battery pack of fairy lights.When the lights in the room are darkened, the crystal ball becomes lifelike because the combination of cellophane and fairy lights makes the sphere shine like magic.Ghost-like ghosts greet those who dare to stare at the crystal ball.
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