coral chandelier Designer Myra Hoefer enchants Healdsburg

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
coral chandelier Designer Myra Hoefer enchants Healdsburg
Designer Myra Hoefer relax on the street-Her Ivy side patioRight on the square in downtown Hillsborough.Designer Myra Hoefer relax on the street-Her Ivy side patioRight on the square in downtown Hillsborough.On any day, you can find Hillsborough designer Mira Hofer in the shop on the city square.Under the whimsical background of gypsum goatsFlowers are placed on her footrest, faux bodice, and coral chandeliers (which are unapologetically integrated into nearby flowers ).gasp -Safeway), conduct an afterthought investigation with her shopping girl on a reality show the night before, and joke with anyone passing.Usually, these friendly customers break the deadlock with the words: "I 've seen you once..."The frequency of these encounters is usually a sign of a star.Hoefer's life in Hillsborough, of course, began with that auspicious note, and in 1975 she moved there with her second husband, a retired jockey --cum-The art dealer named Billy PearsonHe introduced her to this glittering world of celebrities.Andy Williams is their wedding singer.John Houston, director of the Malta Falcon, is a regular --And the high design that comes with it.Their old country house is carefully designed with authentic American Indian blankets, elegant Napoleon antiques and beautiful American quilts."His taste is impeccable and I have learned a lot from him," Hoefer said ." He is 27 years younger than Pearson."But I'm basically his housekeeper.We didn't last long."Everything happens for a reason.Except for the finer things.Has sparked a lifelong interest in this beauty.The discovery of Hillsborough was lucky.Peace of wine country, sunshine-The soaked hills and vineyards fascinated Hoefer so much that in 1982 she and the third (now the former)) Husband, painter Wade Hofer, whose colorful oil paintings captured the scenery with dreamy strokes.The couple spent most of their 80 s as caretakers at Clos du Bois.There, Hoefer received more design education and inspiration from the classical sentiments of owner Kay Wood (think British antiques are always full of bright textiles and flowers) create an unforgettable environment for the winery party.From 1999 to 2009, Hoefer worked part-time in Paris, where she owned a studio and stayed in a petite rooma-Terre in Marais."I also had a wonderful life there," she said, recalling with great hope her trip in town by the black Volkswagen Beetle, and the delicious food at her nearby cafe, Chez Janou-China, silver, Hundred and all-In a comfortable apartment, pay tribute to the honored French woman and her non-Soviet mission.Maybe it's because she wants to enjoy a little bit of California's life in Paris, Hofer in her 500-square-The residence of the foot is in a cheerful yellow color, which can be attributed to the famous Golden State sunshine or the mustard flowers covered in the wine country in spring.Hoefer layered the affectionate picture with such a Paris fleaChair of Napoleon Lun III, gilded chandelier and anything in Limoges are treasures on the market, easing luxury with plain jute carpets and ample Ikea slides --covered sofas."Slippers are a great way to keep the interior decor fresh for guests," Hoefer said ." He developed a unique "bullet"Decorate the Paris vacation rental for a company called Chez Vous, proving the style of fashion.Easy and generous classic funny single-Covered sofas can also be considered typical California.Even today, Hoefer has a soft rib for plush super-bulky items that seem to be designed for lazy behavior.For example, the designer's spacious sofa bed in the La Reine series has a high white colorThe paint of the perfect secret date.Just a block from Hertz castle town square, Ivy League in Hofer-Private home wrapped, impressive new moon-shaped, white-slip-Her family is on the sofa.Son Zane Hoefer and daughter Lisa North and Gina GattusDinner and movies."I like that my kids are around," Hoefer said ."."They are very helpful to my success."In 2010, when Hofer was dancing at a local restaurant, she had a broken back, which was a devastating injury and did not break her spirit."I drive a lot," she said .".This is a given, both in the metaphorical and literal sense.Although it is necessary to walk on crutches now, due to her beloved Go-Go, a motorcycle, she's wearing a beautiful white --linen ensemble.Now, in her fourth decade as a decorator, Hoefer tends to have a full house rosterDesign customers in the Bay Area including Olinda, Ross and San Francisco."My dream is to design in Paris again, even if I have to manage it all through the wonders of the Internet," Hoefer said .".Currently, she meets her travel needs by regularly listening to HGTV reality shows such as "house hunter International" and "Selling New York."I have my head down, against the wind.I'm ready.Myra Hoefer design: 309 Hillsborough Avenue., Healdsburg;(707) 433-2166.www.Myrahoeferdesign.Mary Labang is a freelance writer in San Francisco.E-Postage: home @ sfchronicle.
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