colored chandelier crystals How to Add Crystals to a Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
colored chandelier crystals How to Add Crystals to a Chandelier
Add some dazzling charm to the chandelier with sparkling crystals.Turning your current chandelier into a sparkling focus is a simple project that you can be proud.Ignite your inner creativity when choosing crystals.A variety of colored crystals-Green, water, pink, amber, red, black, purple, blue--In addition to the traditional transparent varieties, it is also available.A colorful crystal chandelier is designed in a variety of colors.You can choose a variety of crystals in various shapes to increase drama and interest.The multi-angle prism Crystal can reflect the light and produce a sparkling rainbow image.Measure the length of the crystal chain required for the chandelier.Weave a loose end of a string over the entire arm of the chandelier, creating elegance and even curtains.Cut the rope with scissors and measure the length of the rope with a tape measure.This measurement is the length of the crystal chain you need.Calculate how many bobeces and individual crystals your chandelier needs.Bobeche is a collar mounted on a chandelier bulb specially designed to hang the pin holes of the crystal.Many bobeches are designed with four or five bullet holes.Count the number of lights on the chandelier to determine how many bobeces you need.By calculating the number of fine holes on a bobeche and multiplying that number by the number of bobeche you need, determine how many individual crystals you need.Depending on your personal preference and the color palette around the room where the chandelier hangs, choose the crystal color to use.Remove the bulb from the chandelier and install a bulb on each lamp holder.Replace the bulb in the socket.Connect one end of the Crystal hanger through the hook or hole at the top of the crystal and hang a crystal on each small hole in each Bobeche.There are various styles of Crystal hangers-Ring, Hook, clip-There are usually 25 to 100 hangers for packing.Snip off two 6-Remove a few inches of process line from the line shaft.Six of them-An inch wire piece about one end of the Crystal line and secure it on the arm of the chandelier.Cover the crystal line evenly on the arm of the chandelier.Step back and look at the chandelier from a distance and readjust the crystal chain until it has a pleasant, even look.Fix the remaining loose end of the crystal chain on the chandelier arm by packing 6-Inch wires around crystal strands.Wrap the other end of the wire around the chandelier arm to securely connect it.There are often 6 crystalsThe length of the foot, unless you buy a roll with a length of 99 feet.If you need to connect multiple crystals in a shorter length, you may need to cut more wires.
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