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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-02
MaryAnn Linden & copy 2005 choose Tiffany lights, the main problem you have to consider after deciding on a particular design is the use of glass...MaryAnn Linden & copy 2005 when choosing a Tiffany lamp, after deciding on a particular design, the main issue you have to consider is the use of the glass in the lamp.Then, the problem is coming.What makes a lamp shine with beautiful color and ambient light, while the design of the other lamp looks completely flat?This is the type of glass used.Once you see Tiffany's lights with dim stained glass, you can find them a mile away.When the light is not on, the lampshade looks dim and almost colorless.For example, you think the color is blue or green, but the color of the glass is not strong.Tiffany's lampshade should be as beautiful as a lampshade without lights.Another thing that the textured glass in the Tiffany fixture looks for in the glass is its features or textures.Even in photos of Tiffany lights, you can see that they have different colors on each piece of glass.In addition, transparent glass is not the preferred glass.It is used as a design element because it will let the light shine where the light comes in.Most of the time, clear colored glasses are also textured and cannot add depth to the picture the lamp is trying to convey.Because this is Tiffany's lampshade, a round Picture is placed on the lampshade.If you look like this, you'll be able to see the lights right away that don't have anything to show.It will just be a bunch of glass mixed together to try to pass on yourself as a lampshade.Copper foil in Tiffany's lamp next thing to look for is how copper foil interrupts the flow of the lamp.I say this because, if the so-called frustration process that sticks the pieces of glass together is so obvious and heavy that your eyes are attracted to it, then your copper foil worksWith this problem, it is very difficult for me to run into a lamp, but when I encounter this problem, it is very obvious even on the Internet.Moreover, these are the same flat glass with colorless dull glass, and many transparent glass are used for some reason.I think the manufacturers realize that the lights will be dark and they need clear glass to shine.The final consideration is the way the glass is cut.It's not always a truth, but when I look at my lights, I always notice that there is a reason why a particular piece of glass is cut into grain or pattern in a specific way.Leaves may have long lines that indicate length.Petals will have a way on one petal, and one way on the other.When you step back, you can see what the artist painted with glass.If it is clear what the painting is, then the artist does a good job.You might think I 'd say price is a consideration, but it's really a consideration now.With the advent of the Internet, we are a global market, all over the world in the production of Tiffanylamps at different prices.I saw a $100 emergency light in an online store.In another store worth $900, as it is made of glass, there are six candrile candle lamps with bright and bright lights that illuminate the range of dollarsIt all depends on what you are looking.Even though you pay the price, they are all beautiful in their own way.So check out Tiffany's lights.You won't regret it.They add a bit of grade to your decor, adding a wonderful light source to any room.They have table lights, floor lights, hanging decorations, chandeliers, billiards, wall lights, ceiling fan shadows, mini or accent lights, and ceiling lights that are turned off or flush.
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