chandelier light sockets How to Replace Porcelain Light Sockets

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
chandelier light sockets How to Replace Porcelain Light Sockets
Ceramic or ceramic lamp holders are made of electrical insulation materials that can withstand high temperatures.Electrical insulators such as porcelain prevent heat and electricity from being transferred from one metal device to another.The replacement porcelain light socket is corrosion resistant and can be fitted with a wet pad, which makes it suitable for external use.Antique lamps, retro lamps and lamps using halogen lamps or hot bulbs all have porcelain lamp sockets.Unplug the light and remove the light bulb.Screw down the lampshade with your fingers to secure the filial or decorative screws in the lamp harp.Remove the lampshade.Place your fingers on the side of the harp, where they begin to bend around the bulb area on the lamp.Squeeze the side of the harp with your finger to the other party to obtain the end of the harp, called the leg, and pull out the harp from the slot or seat on the lamp.Squeeze the socket housing and pull it out of the lamp holder.If it does not squeeze open, pry the housing from the base with a flat blade screwdriver.Loosen the set-Screws on the base of the lamp socket.Unscrew the socket base and remove it.Gently pull the wire out of the lamp.Screw off the wire terminal with a screwdriver and screw off the wire.You will notice that the wires are knotted.-Knotted ends of wires;This prevents the lamp line from pulling out from the lamp during use.Cut the end of the wire with a wire cutting machine.Use the wire stripping machine to peel 3/8 off the end of the wire sheath insulation.Pick up the wire plug.Along the side of the wire connected to the wide plug Blade;This is the neutral line.The neutral wire may be in a different color, with ridges, dents or colors printed on it to identify it.The neutral line counter-Rotate clockwise around the silver terminal screws at the bottom of the new socket base.Tighten the terminal screw with a screwdriver.Pack the hot wire cabinet-Rotate clockwise around the brass colored screws on the base of the new socket.Tighten the terminal screw with a screwdriver.Gently insert the socket base into the base cover and bend the wires to fit on the cover.Insert the socket cover into the bottom of the socket and fix it down.Plug the lights back.Screw in a new light bulb and turn on the light for testing.If it does not work, check to make sure there is no switch wire when connecting the wire to the socket base.Turn off the power supply to the room where the light fixture is located at the main circuit breaker.Plug the circuit tester into a power outlet connected to the circuit breaker you turned off.If it is not bright, it is safe to replace the porcelain sleeve in the lamp.Remove the bulb.Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the porcelain lamps on the electric box.Pull the porcelain lamps from the electric box and gently pull out the wires.Loosen the terminal screw on the lamp holder with a screwdriver and unlock the wire.Wrap a piece of masking tape around the wire and write down the color of the screws it connects to with a pen.This will help when you install a new porcelain lamp socket, as some lamps are connected with black wires and some are connected with red wires.Unscrew the old porcelain lamp holder and remove it from the porcelain lamp.Cut the bare end of the wire with a wire cutting machine.Peel off 3/8 of the insulation coat on each wire with a stripping clamp.Pack white or neutral wire counter-Rotate the silver screw clockwise with a screwdriver and tighten it.Packed black or red hot wire counter-Rotate clockwise around brass or gold screws and tighten with a screwdriver.Insert the zipper (if any) of the new lamp holder through the holes on the porcelain lamps ).Insert the lamp holder into the porcelain lamp and screw it.Gently bend the wire into the electric box.Align the screw holes on the porcelain lamps with the screw holes of the electric box.Connect the porcelain lamps to the electric box with screws.
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