chandelier light sockets How to Install a Keyless Lamp Socket

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
chandelier light sockets How to Install a Keyless Lamp Socket
Keyless lamp socket remove the switch that powers the lamp directly at the bulb.These sockets are ideal for use with light switches and other types of lights including touch base lights.Installing a socket is a task similar to many other outlets that can be done without an electrician.Once a new socket is installed, the light will work without using the switch next to the bulb.Unplug the light and place it on a large table or other working surface.Remove the lampshade from the top of the lamp.Screw down the harp from the top of the lamp and put it on one side.Unplug the light socket from the socket sleeve.Set the socket sleeve to the side.Loosen the screws at the bottom of the socket with a screwdriver.Depending on the model, the screws may be located on the side or bottom of the socket.Unplug the wire from the screw and release the socket from the light.Write down which wire is connected to which screw.Bronze screws are used for "hot wire" and silver screws for "neutral wire "."Mark the neutral line with a black mark so that the connection is easy.Wrap the end of the wire on the screws on the new keyless light socket.Match the neutral wire with the silver screw and the hot wire with the bronze screw.Tighten the screw with a screwdriver.Slide the socket sleeve back to the socket.Put the socket back in the light.Insert the bulb and replace the lamp harp and lampshade.Plug in the light to reconnect.
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