chandelier light fitting How to Make Chandelier Shades at Home

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-15
Are you tired of your old chandeliers and don't understand what to do with them?You can change the look of the chandelier by covering it with attractive chandelier shades that you can make at home.Read on...
The chandelier hanging in the room looks great and gives an elegant look to your room.However, many people are reluctant to buy them because of the high cost and maintenance costs.Those who already own the chandelier may agree that the shades of the chandelier look bad and outdated when they get older.
The owner is in a dilemma;Neither can they throw it, nor are they happy to keep it.But there is a very good solution to this problem and you don't have to spend too much money.These shades are the perfect way to give the same old chandelier fixtures a new, fresh look.
They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and fit your home decor, as well as your budget.Interestingly, you can even make chandelier shades at home with the basic materials it needs and your creativity.Ofxa0The information provided will support your imagination and help you to make some beautiful, magnificent chandelier shades.

Let's assume we have plastic chandelier frames and decorate them to add a new look to the chandelier.Measure the length of the Shadow and Cut the strip in as many inches as measured.

Heat the glue gun and paste the ribbon vertically in the shade.The extra ribbon at the end of the shadow should stick inside the shadow.

You can also make flowers with ribbons, stick one on the top, and one on the bottom of the shadow.

To make it more attractive, attach hanging beads to the bottom of each ribbon.

You can use the old chandelier frame and customize it a little to make it look new and clean, or you can even purchase the new shape of your choice.If you are using old frames, please remove them from candles or bulbs.

Remove the wrapped decorative paper or fabric and empty the frame properly.Make sure there is no residue from old paper or fabric on the frame.While removing the old paper, peel it off to maintain its shape.

Now you have to track the shape of the peeled paper on the fabric you want to connect to the frame.Put the peeled paper on the fabric and track it on the edge with fabric chalk.Use the same piece of paper for several other cuts in order to keep the measurement accurate.

Cut out all shapes with scissors.If the shape is damaged, it is recommended to cut one or two more cuts.

Now connect each cut to each frame.Glue the fabric using the stickiness already present on the frame.

Stitch the top and bottom of the hue with a needle and matching thread to prevent wear on the fabric edges.This will put an end to your creation.

Wrap the ribbon around the top of the Shadow and Cut at the end.Use this as an ideal measurement to cut out more ribbons for the rest of the shape.

Heat the hot glue gun and stick the ribbon to the top and bottom of the shadow.Make sure you hide all the unfinished edges (if any ).

Let the glue dry.After drying, place it on a chandelier candle or bulb and hang the chandelierxa0Wherever you want to go
This is some of the ideas for making chandelier shades at home.You can make similar shades or modify them according to your imagination.If you are interested in doing creative activities like this, go ahead with these simple steps and make the best chandelier shades for your house.
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