chandelier light design How to Match a Chandelier to Decor

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-22
chandelier light design How to Match a Chandelier to Decor
There are no hard regulations on chandelier design ---Choosing the best fixtures for your home decor is purely a matter of taste.The chandelier can be the elegant, trendy or charming finishing touches of almost any room in your new home.Whether your taste is modern, retro, classical, romantic or eclectic, the market has chandeliers that suit your aesthetic.A few visits to a local lighting store or flea market should bring the perfect environment to your home.Determine the basic decoration style of the room.It may be traditional, modern, or a fusion of the two.It may also be rustic, minimalist or gorgeous.Decide if you want your chandelier to be consistent with the decor style or to be balanced.If the room is very gorgeous, you may need a simpler chandelier to avoid overdecoration;If the room has a rustic farmhouse theme, you may want to supplement the design with a matching chandelier.Select the material or color highlighted in the decoration to be displayed in the chandelier.For example, if there are wrought iron legs on the table in the room, you may want a wrought iron chandelier;For the dressing room with vanity, a micro chandelier with hanging crystals can be considered to match the glass mirror.According to MuranoLite, a lot of people choose a second fixture.most-Featured color in the room.Choose a chandelier that reflects or balances the style and color scheme of the room.For modern geometric design, you can choose a colorEnclosed chandelier with hanging geometry;For the retro Hollywood room, you can choose the gorgeous crystal decoration;For a minimalist space with few decorations, you can choose RubyThe red chandelier that catches the eye.Take home the fixtures of your choice and see how much you like it in space.Ultimately, your ideal chandelier is a matter of personal taste.If you find a complex device that looks too busy in your Victorian eraIn your modern room, the theme room or minimalist fixtures are barely noticeable, return it and try something that is contrasting rather than matching.Try it before you find the chandelier that best suits you.
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