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The early days of 1960 were made up of "competitions" in the semiconductor field.Then, in this game, the LED was "discovered" in the fall of 1961 ".The Led is first used with the computer to replace the tungsten wire bulb that controls the punch card reader.With the development of technology, with the development of energy-saving bulbs, with the past year, the bulbs are also constantly improving.Energy-saving bulbs are an important requirement for many environmental users in the country.Energy-saving lamps are becoming more and more popular among homeowners, business people and even government officials.One room in the room guide for right led bulbs.Because of its high power use, spiral incandescent lamps will be phased out in the near future.There is no need to hoard bulbs.The remaining stock of standard bulbs of 100 W, 75 W, 60 W and 40 W continues to be sold until production stops.The replacement products are: compact fluorescent bulb and light emitting diode bulb (LED ).These are bright and can save $60 using energy from 75% to 80%.00 to $125.Compared to the traditional 60-watt incandescent lamp, each bulb is 00 Watts, especially for families with about 50 bulbs and saving a lot of money.But so is investment and savings for business organizations.LEDs are very expensive, up to $60.Some light bulbs.Even at this price, these LEDs can still save you about $170.00 has a longer service life compared to similar incandescent lamps.The increase in the amount of completion helps to reduce the price.Starting $1.25 bulbs each, the CFL is a budget-friendly option, they are almost as energy efficient as LEDs, but it takes at least 30 seconds to reach full light, do not last long, and most are not dimmable.Halogen lamps, an incandescent lamp is still an option, but the cost of powering the led and CFLs is more than double that of you and will not last long.Home or living room lighting in these rooms can be complicated due to many activities.Standard ceiling fixtures and general lighting for embedded or rail lights.The desk and floor lamp provide task and key lighting.If your recessed lights or rail heads are adjustable, they can also be used to highlight art or concentrate light in a specific area.Aim for focus and mission lights away from shiny surfaces, such as TV screens and glass frame artwork to prevent reflective glare.For fixtures, the LED on and off frequently can be saved and survived, while the CFL has a shorter life span when used to turn the cycle on/off.Ceiling fixtures or embedded lamps placed in the center of the kitchen and restaurant usually provide general lighting here, enhanced by under-cabinet lighting.Two fixtures and tables on the island enhance general lighting, and dimming allows you to switch actions and moods from homework to dining.If you have groove lighting, the color inside the jar that surrounds the bulb affects the output of the light and the color of the light.A shiny metal mirror can emit the maximum light, but can amplify the glare.The black interior can reduce glare but absorb light, so you may need a brighter bulb.The lighting in the bathroom is exquisite.It is often recommended to use cold light, but it will distort the color when making up.Therefore, you may have to choose one feature to override the other.Decorating incandescent lamps, such as some earth lights, is not part of the phase-out.Keep in mind that the lights on the sink will give off unpleasant shadows on your face;The lights on both sides of the mirror or medicine cabinet are better.Recessed lights designed for wet areas are good in the shower.The bedroom is a recipe for relaxation and romance.Dimmers and warm lighting can help to read lights or fixtures, so look for bulbs in the range of 2700 to 2900 Kelvin (k.Place those above the bed to make the most of the shadows.It is important to be safe and atmosphere outdoors, but you also need to consider the environment.Low temperature does not affect LEDs.Use floodlights or spotlights on the roof space or on the ground to illuminate the dark areas to increase safety.The light bulb in the range of 2700 to 3000 Kelvin gives a warm light, which is a flattering light for the warm colored exterior, and the 3500 K or higher Cold Light complements the gray,Motion sensors or optical tubes that turn the lights on and off at dusk and dawn also help save energy.LED bulb type:-The A19 or universal bulb is the bulb and we are all most familiar with the shape of it.This is so common that when someone says "light bulb" it may be the first shape you think.Multi-layer reflector (MR) 16 lamps are directional lighting of low to medium strength, such as desk lamps, ceiling lamps, track lighting, pendant fixtures, retail display lighting, landscape lighting.Used in residential lighting and retail lighting, instead of standard incandescent lamps.LED bulb.Our LED replacement, known as Candara or torpedo bulbs, allows you to use a fraction of the power of an incandescent lamp while maintaining a good look.This led bulb is a replacement for the chandelier.More accurately adjust the light-throwing aluminum reflector (PAR) bulb.Used for fixed location or area and rail lighting.Due to its directionality, it is one of the best LED bulbs.It provides similar output and beam properties.The LED tube is a replacement for the old fluorescent T8, T10 or T12 lamps, enabling better and more efficient LED technology.They are bright and quiet (without the buzz of the ballast) with instant lighting.Choose LED light bulbs1.Choose shape light for outdoor and embedded fixtures for track lighting flood LED candles for wall lights and decorative fixtures-Line bulbs for room lighting and lamp2.Select brightness and energy efficiency to find bulbs with high flow and low wattage for optimal energy cost savings. Divide lumens by wattage to determine the optimal brightness-to-Energy utilization rate 3.Select color temperature lights for indoor applications and small area glare for outdoor lighting and indoor mission lighting.Base screw-matching fixtureIn the base, including the miniature candle holder, middle and medium pin base, there are usually two pins, for example, the pins used for many halogen lamp LEDs are mercury-free and turn on immediately.Many are dimmable.Many work with photocells and timers;Some people use motion sensors.Some people cannot project light in all directions.It may be larger or heavier than other types of bulbs.Life span ranges from 18 to 46 for 3 hours a day.Kelvin (K) number = cold light 2700 K = warm yellow 3000 K = White 3500 to 4100 K = bright white 5000 to 6500 K = bluer White lumens = brightness 450 = brightness 40-W bulb 800 = 60-Watt 100 = 75-
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