chandelier floor lamp How to Tighten a Floor Lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
chandelier floor lamp How to Tighten a Floor Lamp
The floor lamp provides a convenient way to add light in a specific area of a room that is too dark.Floor lamps occupy a small amount of ground space, but they emit a lot of light where they are most needed.With the passage of time and repeated touch, the part of the lamp may become loose, causing the lamp to become wobbly and unstable.In most cases, these parts can be manually tightened or tightened with standard household tools.Check the lights carefully to determine the source of the looseness.Touch and gently swing the various parts of the lamp, start below the socket and work down.Place your foot on the base to stabilize it, hold the pole or tube, gently swing it to see if the base is wobbling or if the part near it is more than they should doUnplug the light from the socket.If the lamp is in use recently, allow the bulb to cool to room temperature.Put a pillow on the floor.Gently tilt the lamp down and rest the top of the floor lamp--Areas near bulbs--Put it on the pillow.If it is a solid shadow, or if the shadow is strong enough to handle it, the shadow may stay where it is.Otherwise, manually remove the shadow by releasing the thumb screw or finial that holds the shadow to the harp around the bulb.Turn the top of the tube (column) clockwise while keeping the bottom stable to tighten the tube loose in the middle of the lamp body.This is also done on the tube or other parts attached to the tube to tighten them.Check the underside of the lamp holder to determine if the screw or nut holds the tube to the base.Tighten the screw with Phillips-Screw driver, or tighten the nut with a small adjustable wrench.If remove the lampshade before, replace the lampshade and stand the lamp upright.Swing again to make sure all parts are tight.Repeat the inspection and tightening process if the lights are not stable yet.
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