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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-15
There are many breeds of dogs, among which the German Shepherd is a relatively new breed.Many guards and shepherd dogs are often seen in light-colored places, but the fur of German Shepherd dogs is clearly dark.Take a look at the different color combinations that this amazing variety can show off...
German shepherds grew up in Germany, with other names such as Alsace, Berger allenmande and GSD.The dog is the offspring of the wolf, and the Wolf is tamed and converted into different varieties.Since then, the development, improvement and consistency of different breeds has been a major priority for many breeders.Black and brown, black and red and black are recognized as the common German Shepherd coat in the world.
Dogs of this descent were originally developed to graze and protect livestock.It is believed that dark shepherd dogs are more likely to perform their duties in sheep-feeding than light dogs.The light-colored dog is not well recognized by the sheep and is easily incorporated into the flock.Such dogs must try to get the sheep together because the sheep think these dogs are one of them.The German Shepherds are darker in color, which makes them look different from the flock and makes it easier for them to graze.The sheep recognize the Shepherd as a predator and stick together in the group.As a result, the white German Shepherd is not well recognized and is considered an unqualified dog.
Black and Brown are common coat colors among German shepherds.

pigments.The former is a black pigment, and the latter is the brown color of the German Shepherd.The strength of these pigments can be changed in this color combination, such as saddle color, black color, fading color, bi-Color and complete black.These pigments also have a tendency to produce weak colors, which is considered to be good-The famous dog club
Sable is called Gray in Germany.It is the original Wolf color, but there are different shades, such as the rich saddle color, which is deeper than the black and faded sable coats.The lower body of the German Shepherd looks blurry, while the part from the face to the tail is covered in black.There are two black mink alleles that are responsible for the color change of the black mink fur coat.One is responsible for the extension of the black in the rich saddle mink, and the other is covering the dog's legs, toes, suffocation, hoc knots, throat and chest.A ferret-colored German Shepherd can produce better pigmentation for future Shepherd puppies, which helps to maintain darker shades of the breed.Breeding the Sable dog or the same dark black and brown dog together will produce the puppy with great reproductive pigmentation.
Black and Brown, also known as saddle, have three different colors;Rich in black and brown, black and brown, faded black and brown.The light tones known as tan are hidden under the dark black cloak.The coat covered under the dark saddle is close to the skin.The neck, rib cage, shoulder, hip and back of the neck are covered in black.On faded black and brown shepherds, the color of the coat fades on both sides of the neck, saddle, and tail.Very shallow black shadows cover a small part of the cloak and tail.The faded black and brown and the faded black mink look very similar.In this color series, Black and Brown are the darkest coat colors.Here, the whole dog's upper body is covered in black.However, the bottom of the ear, the hoc section, the toe and the back of the foot show a slight brown color.
Same as the previous two colors.There are also three color changes in color;rich bi-Color, black doubleColor and faded bi-color.Bi-The color of the color coat is relatively darker, so even the faded bi-The color looks darker.The German Shepherd of this color change looks like a black dog, but the gap between the vents, toes and the bottom of the mask shows a red brown color.The faded bi-The color is similar to the black brown mink, but there is a tan around the neck and the harness line.German Shepherd's muzzle color tends to fade, fading bi-color coat.
German Shepherd with full black coat.They rarely show tan on pasterns or between toes.Just above the shoulders and neck, Tan is rarely seen.However, in the black German Shepherd, brown or light color is a very rare possibility.Bringing together the dark German shepherds will produce a completely dark coat.Although this breeding may improve pigmentation, it may take a lot of time to achieve competition with German black shepherds.This can only be done by combining shepherds with darker skin tones.
There are other colors, the color is more inclined to light tone.However, German shepherds are working rabies, so they need to have good, calm temperament, strong, muscular body structure, and sufficient fur length and color.The lighter hue reduces the quality of reproductive pigmentation and may eventually erase the darker color of the fur, which is actually a prominent feature of the dog of this lineage.
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