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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-29

When the light bulb in the fixture goes off, most people just replace it with any size bulb they lay around the house.This is a dangerous habit that can increase the chance of a house fire.Each fixture is constructed to handle a certain maximum wattage.From the insulation on the wire to the insulation in the fixture and the material that makes up the socket, the installation of a bulb exceeding the maximum wattage can cause overheating and eventually damage the fixture.Look at the socket of the lamp.You should see a silver sticker that says the maximum wattage of the light bulb that the lamp can support.View the interior of the recessed light fixture and find a label indicating the maximum bulb wattage.Remove the lid from the top light, the maximum wattage sticker should be located near the socket and sometimes on the socket.Find instructions before installationPacked with new fixtures.The maximum wattage of the fixture is also usually included in the document.In most cases, the outside of the box is even marked with wattage, so that buyers know exactly the type of bulb they need.
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