capiz shell chandelier Tips for Making a Capiz Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
capiz shell chandelier Tips for Making a Capiz Chandelier
Capiz shell, also known as window glass oyster shell, has a long history of decorative use and has started as a glass replacement for window glass in the Philippines.These shells are valued for their translucent quality, and when strung on a mobile phone, lampshade, or chandelier, they produce almost ethereal effects.Making the capiz chandelier requires keeping the balance of the Shell line throughout the process in order for the decoration to hang properly.Some craft shops or shell supply companies offer Capiz shells.The housing is a flat disc with no holes, one hole or two holes.Non-Shells drilled may not be that expensive, but hundreds or more shells are drilled ---According to your chandelier design-It may be a bit tedious, or it may crack some of the shells.A hole is all that is needed to string the shell together, but in this way the threading material can be seen on the length of the shell.Double-The version of the hole digging requires a small amount of threading material separately.Leave the case with visible cracks or damage on one side, as this damage is more noticeable when the backlight is in place.How to string up the chandelier is a matter of choice, but there are two main materials that work well.The transparent fishing line, also known as monofilament, is sturdy and durable and usually comes with UV coating, which helps to prevent the fishing line from becoming brittle over time.If you leave a little space between the shells on each rope, the fishing line allows the shells to rotate separately, or you can overlap them to reduce rotation.A string of decorative ribbons or fabric decorations add elegance to the chandelier.The dab hot glue in the center of each case holds it on the ribbon;Four or five shells on the ribbon form a line.Depending on how full you want the chandelier to look, the space housing can be close or close as you like.Thinking outside the box can provide many options for the capiz shell chandelier frame.The hanging basket is a potential frame that looks like several metal rings that are smaller in a row.Flat trivet made of several metal rings can also work.Old lampshade frames, such as short and wide drum shades, can also be used.The color of the painting frame matches the decoration of the room, such as platinum, bronze or black.The frame is mounted on the chandelier or can be fixed to the ceiling with a small chandelierLink chain and ceiling hook.The Capiz chandelier usually has a different number of shells, such as five in the middle ring, four in the middle and three outside.These layers move slightly with the airflow.Tie fishing-Each ring of the frame is surrounded by a string of shells, or a hot glue ribbon is placed by folding a flap over the frame, and the ribbon flap is closed with a dab glue.The more lines to use, the more full the chandelier will be;Making it sparse creates more wind.The Chime effect may mean that the lamps inside are visible.
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