capiz shell chandelier Homemade Pendant Light Shades

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
capiz shell chandelier Homemade Pendant Light Shades
The shadowless chandelier is an ideal opportunity to design a lampshade that suits the style of the room.When it comes to creating this cover, go beyond the usual idea ---From the cheese sharpener to the kitchen colander, anything can be redesigned into a lampshade, or use the old lamp lampshade and craft supplies to make your own lampshade.Use the suspended metal product basket as a frame for wax paper creation to turn the chandelier into a faux capiz shell chandelier.A mezzanine band between discs of equal size made of wax paper;Add a plate of colored paper towels between wax paper wheels to create a colored faux capiz shell chain.Iron the wax-Paper disk strips, between plain paper, or between plain brown bags on low paperheat, no-Steam setting that blends the material together;Then tie one end of each ribbon to the metal basket around the entire frame to create an attractive display.For high ceilings, take three.Take apart and reassemble the layered suspended product basket so that the largest basket is on it;The biggest basket covered the light.Basket chain fixed finished chandelier-Style shadows of ceiling hooks mounted on columns or ceiling anchors.Use only low-Heat the LED bulb in the chandelier to prevent the wax from melting, leaving the nearest disc at least a few inches from the bulb.Turn modern or retro kitchen accessories into pendant lampshades suitable for any kitchen or restaurant style.Vintage colors with unusual hole patterns project a bit of light in the nearby area;Combine the two together and hang pendant lights inside to create a planetLike orb shade, fix the two together with flower lines through holes or handles.Choose bold red, green and blue colorful colors to cover several chandeliers in the same kitchen, adding a fun, bright display even if the lights go out.Large cheese graters project light in almost the same way, creating a quirky display for the creative kitchen.Teacup or decorative bowls can also be used for shades, although they need to be carefully drilled with drill bits designed for ceramics.Glass bottles with strange or colored shapes can also be used for pendant shades when you cut them out from the bottom of the bottle with a glass cutter and polish the edges smooth.A man's cave, cave, or cottage needs a more rustic way to handle the lampshade.By fixing the wheels horizontally, turn the wheel of the bicycle wheel or spoke tricycle into the beginning of the shadow, so that the pendant is located in the center of the wheel.Hang vintage sports pendants around the circle so that the dots hang down, or cut the bottom from the feeding bag and stitch the bag to the disc with flower lines, this way the bag will mimic the appearance of the basic beige lampshade.Select a feed or grain bag with an image or text for an extra decorative feel.Use low-Wattage LED bulbs with any homemade fabric lampshade to avoid overheating.An old galvanized, perforated minnow bucket becomes a shade by sliding it over the chandelier and connecting the handle to the hook on the ceiling.By removing the fabric, using the wire frame as the basis for the new creation, turn the damaged fabric lampshade into a functional pendant lampshade.Install a painted wooden paint mixer around the frame, decorate it in a color suitable for the kitchen, and use flower lines to fix the stick on the frame by drilling holes in the wood.Attach the floating wood piece to the frame to get a seaside, natural look, or paint the floating wood and metal frame White for a room with a soft or monochrome color scheme.Replace Wood, colored glass beads with flower lines or fine craft lines, wrap the top and bottom of each line around the top and bottom of each frame to create a shadow that shows a series of shades.Use low-wattage, low-Hot LED bulbs for WoodAvoid potential heat problems.Like any shade, it's best to make sure that the frame is at least a few inches from the bulb in all directions.
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