bronze and crystal chandelier How to Remove a Crystal Chandelier From the Ceiling

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
bronze and crystal chandelier How to Remove a Crystal Chandelier From the Ceiling
Crystal chandeliers are usually the focus of the room, but they may not fit into the new design when the style and decor change.Removing the crystal chandelier is a job for a stable hand and a patient person.If the size of the crystals is different, then tracking which crystals are located on the chandelier arm can make it easier to reassemble later.Power off the main power box chandelier circuit.If you're not sure which circuit controls that socket, turn off the power for the entire home.Flip the light switch to "on "."Remove any objects under the chandelier, such as a table, and lay a soft covering on the floor.If you drop a crystal, you want it to fall on a relaxing thing enough to break its fall without breaking or breaking.Put a ladder under the chandelier.Its size should be like this so you can comfortably stand on top and get to the chandelier without being close to the top steps.Remove the bulb from the chandelier.Insert non-tipConnect the circuit tester to the bulb socket to check the live current.If not, please turn off the switch and proceed.Remove the crystals, clean them with a soft cloth, then wrap them with padding and place them in the storage box.Many times they have a ring that slides up from the hook to the arm.Remove the rest of the bulbs from the device.Check the bottom of the chandelier that meets the ceiling to see how it is connected to the mounting belt.This is usually the mounting belt that is screwed into the junction box through the base.The chandelier base will loosen by removing the screws.This is usually better done with two people, one holding the chandelier and supporting the chandelier and the other taking the screws.Don't let Chandler fall too far, otherwise the wires in the circuit box may stretch or break and become unsafe.Remove the wire nut that holds the chandelier wire to the circuit box wire.There should be two nuts, one connecting the white line and one connecting the black line.When the fixture is removed from the wire, reduce it to the ground.Leave the wires in the box so that the new fixtures can be connected before you turn the power back on.
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