brass sputnik chandelier Sputnik lamps out of this world

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
brass sputnik chandelier Sputnik lamps out of this world
More or less: the Sputnik chandelier of Jonathan Adlin is more or less: the Sputnik chandelier of Jonathan Adlin 1957, the launch of the artificial satellite Sputnik 1 triggered the so-called space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.With the arrival of the space age, it has far more influence than politics and technology;Until today, its impact has been seen in design and architecture.The most obvious and old-fashioned explanation of this era is likely to be the artificial satellite light, which was born in the outline of the sphere and its three wispy antennas.While artificial satellite lighting has been reimagined again and again, its aesthetics remains the same.The glare of the lamps has a trick to create a modern atmosphere in the room.This is the version of Jonathan Adler, the Sputnik chandelier ($1,425.This perfect dazzling, dramatic versionPolished nickel or brassFeatures bright crystal lights of different sizes wrapped on the crown-like casings.It is 1/2 wide in size, 21 inch long, 60-inch drop.What's more subtle is the standard 18-arm Sputnik light, which costs $329, but is still the logo of Sputnik.99, from Inmod.The semi-Chrome candle holder base bulb at the end of each arm ($55 for an extra charge) further leveled the non-decorative, svelte shape of the lamp.The simplicity of this special chromePlated lights for married peoplein-Pop room or add a glimpse of retroModern Space in fashion.It has no bulb, 24 inch wide and 15 inch long.Whether it's charismatic or streamlined, these modern plays of medieval art will give the world any sense of space.Chantal Lamers is a freelance writer in San Francisco.Home @ sfchronicle.
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