brass light How to Refinish Shiny Brass Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
brass light How to Refinish Shiny Brass Lighting
The brass lighting equipment will lose its luster over time.The outdoor lights bear the worst blow, accumulating pollen, dust, rain and other particles in the air, but the indoor lights do not escape the stain like the dust inside, smoke and age make the brightest brass lamps dim.Restoring gloss and gloss to a solid brass surface is a relatively easy process that requires a little elbow grease and chemicals to be found in a home fit-out or paint shop.Make sure your fixture is solid brass or brass-plated metal.While they may seem the same, the difference between the two is huge.Trying to mend brassThe plated metal may further reduce the gloss of the lighting equipment.Try to install the magnet on the lighting device.You have brass if the magnet sticksplated metal.If not, you have a solid brass light.Prepare working space.Find a well-Ventilation area, covering the working surface with newspaper or drip cloth.Wear gloves to protect your hands and arms.Remove any glass from the lamp if possible.Polish and wax that you will apply in later steps will blur or stain any glass plate in the light.The glass plate can be fixed in the appropriate position with screws.Just remove the screw and gently remove the glass sheet.If the glass is kept in place by pressure, glue or other adhesive, please do not remove the glass.Scrub and peel off lighting equipment.Before you fix the brass, you need to remove any remaining sealant or dirt from the light.Use a sponge brush to apply a thin layer of paint remover to the fixture.Scrub the fixture with steel wire.Apply extra paint remover wherever extra attention and scrub is required.Wipe the light fixture with a clean rag or cloth to remove any remaining paint remover.Polish the brass with a clean rag or cloth with a thin layer of brass polish.Since back or circular motion friction to the surface of brass.Let's stand for 30 minutes and re-apply nail polish to any dull place.Seal the finishFriction polyurethane sealer or polymer-Apply the car wax in the fixture with a clean cloth or rag, evenly on the light.Let's stand for 15 to 30 minutes and dry and buffer any spots or stains with a rag.
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