brass crystal chandelier How to Paint Brass Chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
brass crystal chandelier How to Paint Brass Chandeliers
The chandelier lights up the dining room, foyer and living room and adds an elegant center.Brass chandeliers attract those who like shiny goldColor fixing device.For others, however, brass is not suitable for their aesthetic taste or design style.Over time, the brass can also retain scratches and become dim.Transform and update it by painting an outdated brass chandelier.Painting brass requires painting specially designed for metal.There are various colors for metal painting.Clean the chandelier with a solution of hot water and soap.Cleaning will remove contaminants that may interfere with paint adhesion.After cleaning with a fresh sponge soaked with water, wipe the chandelier to Remove soap residue.Unwrap, unwrap, or unscrew all the decorations (such as crystals or beads) on the chandelier.Tape on any permanent parts that are not painted, such as bulb sockets and wires.Place the Chandelier on a protected surface for painting.Work outside or in a ventilated space to avoid inhalation of painted smoke.All brass parts with 220-polished chandeliergrit abrasive.Grinding will produce fine tiny scratches to provide "teeth" for the new paint ".After polishing, wipe the chandelier again with a damp sponge.Let the chandelier dry.Apply a metal primer to the chandelier.Keep the nozzle about 10 inch away from the chandelier and keep the spray moving to avoid water droplets.Keep the primer dry.Apply two to three layers of paint on the chandelier to ensure uniform coverage.Leave dry time between coats.Keep the paint dry.Spray the chandelier with two to three layers of transparent spray polyurethane to form a glossy protective coating on the paint.
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