brass crystal chandelier How to Change the Electrical Wire in a Brass Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
brass crystal chandelier How to Change the Electrical Wire in a Brass Chandelier
Brass chandeliers tend to be old, which usually means they have outdated wiring.Replacing the wire is not a complicated electrical work, but it can be difficult to use a heavy-duty fixture full of fragile parts.You have to remove the chandelier in order to exchange the wires, so you should prepare a large flat area.If you turn off the power, there is no danger of electric shock, but it is possible to drop the chandelier.Therefore, it is essential to have a strong ladder, and it does not hurt to have an assistant.Turn off the wall switch that controls the chandelier.For additional safety, turn off the circuit breaker in the main panel of the control switch.Place a ladder under the chandelier, it is high enough that you can work without standing on the second high step.When you unscrew the decorative dome from the electric box with a screwdriver, hold the chandelier chain or tube with one hand.If the chandelier is heavy, ask the assistant to hold the chandelier or place it on the top of the ladder.Pull the dome off the ceiling, unwire the wires in the box, and remove the chandelier.Put it on a flat surface.Check the old cable to determine the best way to remove the old one and feed it in the new one.If it's wrapped around the chain, you can simply expand it and wrap the new cable in place.If it extends through the tube, tie the new cable to the end of the old cable so that the old cable is pulled and the new cable is automatically connected.Disconnect the old cable from the terminal in the center of the chandelier.Peel off the end of the new cable and connect the neutral line with print or texture to the silver terminal.Connect the hot wire with smooth feel to the brass terminal.If the chandelier has a ground lugs, you should use a ground cable and connect the ground wire that is not sheath to the ground lugs.Replace the cables that extend from the hub to the socket by disconnecting them and pulling them out when entering the new cable.In order to do this, you may have to remove the socket, which may require some disassembly depending on your chandelier.Connect the neutral wire to the silver terminal on the Hub and socket and connect the hot wire to the brass terminal.Climb the ladder with a chandelier and support it on top of the ladder when you connect the wire.The neutral half cable around the white wire in the electric box, the hot half cable around the black wire and the ground wire--If so--Around the bare wiresScrew the thread cap to all connections.Reinstall the chandelier by changing the procedure to remove the chandelier.Open the circuit breaker and then test the line by turning on the wall switch.
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