black rectangular chandelier Ways to blend those clashing colors

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-22
black rectangular chandelier Ways to blend those clashing colors
The room was large and separated.Great room, separate.Chronicle GraphicQ: I had trouble setting up furniture in my new home.We would like to keep the sofas, chairs, Ottoman and recliner chairs but intend to purchase new side tables, light fixtures, dining room furniture and entertainment cabinets.The khaki-The colored sofa and mushroom recliner look terrible.In addition, due to the location of the socket, it is difficult to place a lamp next to each piece of work.Kitchen cabinets are oak with red stains and we are not sure what color of wood the other cabinets should be.What advice do you have?A: Occasionally, people will think that they made mistakes in choosing colors when buying furniture, but fortunately, the mistakes of these choices can be easily made up with A little creativity.Let's start with the furniture layout and then we will focus on the colors and materials to make it work.I would suggest that the large room be visually divided into dining and living areas.They are clearly defined as the builder wisely placing a power outlet on the floor in the middle of the room and a bone box dining area that hangs the chandelier in a seemingly appropriate place, so, we will use these elements as our guidelines.The dining table should be centered under the chandelier.I chose a table which is 6 feet wide and 30 inch long.This gives you enough seats for six people.Add a rectangular chandelier to replenish the table.To achieve the best results, hang it 30 inch above the table.For the living room, let's put the sofa in the middle of the room so that it can float in the middle of the room and face us with space for the entertainment center and the bookshelf.This large room is back in the dining area and feels like two rooms.Strengthen this separation by placing a console table behind the sofa.A pair of consoles-Height table lamp and plants.These lights are inserted into an electric floor socket conveniently placed in the middle of the room.This type of socket gives people the opportunity to float furniture in the area and has enough reading and ambient light without having to string lines on the floor.If a family does not have a floor socket, it is not difficult for them to remodel if there is a proper gap under the floor.Make sure to hire a licensed electrician to carry out the installation safely and correctly.In front of the sofa is a coffee table of 48 by 30 inch.The right side of the sofa is your recliner chair, opposite the club chair, with a certain angle to the TV.Its Ottoman is opposite the sofa, but it can pull closer when the chair needs it.There is a coffee table between the sofa and the recliner.The entertainment center includes a bookcase in a niche that was intended to accommodate it.I designed a wall unit that combines the open bookshelf of the book with storage of the stereo and display sculptures.It includes your TV space, departure-Center so easy to see from the sofa.Now, let's combine all the elements in the room to make the color of your choice look like you wish, not like a mistake.Given the modern style of your furniture, as well as the card, cranberry, mushroom and blue you have, let's choose a patterned fabric of a modern style, dining chair, include all of these colors and the touch of black (you will see why I added this color later ).This fabric will make the various colors of the living room furniture look like it was chosen on purpose and will tie everything together.The legs of the chair can be dark-Colored wood, or, let the chair kick onto the floor if you want to show more of this fabric.If you want to keep an open feeling in the room, I would recommend making a dining table with glass.Use an interesting material on the base, either a concrete or a dark metal base, or a shiny steel "horse "."The next piece is the console table.This is a great place to use wood.There is no need to use the same wood as other materials made of this material.Perhaps a dark-The colored finish will add some warmth here.The coffee table is supposed to be a big Ottoman-Black leather style.To make everything connected, the base of the lamp on the console table should be stainless steel or brushed nickel.Use the black lampshade to balance the Ottoman and connect visually to the dining chair.The end table can be glass with a metal or wooden base.In every corner of the room, there are two large floor plants on the floor, their lights are on, generating interest and balancing the remote view.After this-the-Fact planning "will make your home look more beautiful and more effectively put together.Send your interior design dilemma description to home @ sfchronicle.Com or family and Garden, San Francisco Chronicle, Mission Street 901San Francisco, CA 94103.Include your city, phone number during the day, and photo or floor plan sketches if possible.This column will answer the selected questions.
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