black hanging light fixture How to Install an All-Purpose Crossbar for an Electric Lighting Fixture

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-12
black hanging light fixture How to Install an All-Purpose Crossbar for an Electric Lighting Fixture
The fixture design is different, but the electrical box is more or less the same, so an adapter is usually required to connect the fixture to the box.The electrician calls this adapter a beam, and when you purchase a new light fixture, the beam dedicated to this fixture is often provided in the installation kit.If you want to install an old or antique fixture without a beam, you can usually make a universal fixture.Such all-The purpose is actually that the circular crossbar is ready-made and it's simple to attach the crossbar to the electric box.Disconnect the power supply of any wire in the electric box.To ensure that the power supply is off, test the wire with a voltage tester by keeping the red lead of the tester at the exposed end of the black wire and the black lead at the end of the white wire.The meter reading should be zero.If the tester has a light, the light should remain turned off.Measure the distance between two screw outlets on the surface of the box with a tape measure.Find two holes on the crossbar at the same distance.Lean the bar against the electric box and align the hole.Screw the machine into each hole and tighten it with a screwdriver.Screws are usually provided with beams.Feed the wire through the center hole or around the side notch of the crossbar.Some all-The center hole of the purpose crossbar is larger than other crossbars, and it is easy to push the wire into the box after connection.If half of the barHowever, inches or smaller holes are often easier to feed the wires through the larger space provided around them.Install a green ground screw in one of the available holes on the crossbar.This provides you with a safe place to connect the circuit and fix the ground wire.There are ground screws in any hardware store, and the beams can provide ground screws.
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