best pendant lights 5 bizzare lights decor ideas for your next party

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-21
Decoration is an inevitable aspect of the party, and the same choice is huge.Decorative lights are loved by everyone when gathering outdoors or at night.You can choose to string lights, earth lights or LEDs, and the basic idea is to light up the party atmosphere.In this post, we have a list of the best options to make your party a magical thing: crystal bubble light: these crystal bubble lights are to create amazing glass with elegant views over your party.The lights look like glowing bubbles in the air.This lighting concept can be used to create a soft and romantic feel for your anniversary party planned in the garden.The best thing about these greenhouse candle lights is that they are not expensive at all.Umbrella chandelier: this is a great lighting idea for your outdoor party.All you need to do is collect a lot of small umbrellas, hook up the wires and pull them off the umbrella handle.Once you're done, just hang these pendants on your party to see such a beautiful view.Glow in the dark pot: This one is more like an ecologyfriendly idea.You only need a few pots, dyes and brushes.Draw pots in the color you choose and let them dry.After completion, place these pots of color where needed.You can actually use these lights in dark jars to guide your guests through the road.Diving flowers: Basically, these are waterproof tea lights that can be used to create an amazing center illuminated from the inside.These lights highlight the floral arrangements that you once added to a clear vase.When used in versions of various colors or color variations, these flower buds can be coordinated with your decor, simply put in a clean jar.Paper Lantern: you can choose the simplest and most elegant lighting of your party.These colorful ornate paper lanterns create a magical fairyLike watching the scenery in the air.These lanterns can be easily bought at a reasonable price from physical stores or online stores, and can effectively illuminate your party in a simple way.At your next party, use these beautiful party lights to stun your guests and make the event unforgettable!
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