bathroom light fixtures is there no justice in the Philippines?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-01

Is there really no justice in the Philippines?In early April 2011, I met Sally Burhart in ABS.They have a booth there to promote Victoria Tower apartments.Her current payment plan will be as low as 16,000 pesos a month, she said.In addition, they have promoted free interior decoration worth 150,000 pesos.Sally told me that I could visit the mock-up unit of Vitoria tower on Timothy Cole panai Avenue.I with I of friends two team kabigting have met Lani Zapata Sally â x80 x99 s supervisor.They showed us the model unit and the bare unit.I am interested in the promotion as they say after payment-At a cost of 125,000 pesos, the entire unit will be completed in-house for free, which means tile floors, tiles and full bathrooms, painted walls.The division of rooms, installed doors, ceilings and lamps has been completed.Kitchen wall tiles, kitchen cabinets finished.Everything is ready-You can choose the floor plan (2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms) within 45 to 60 days ).I booked 25,000 pesos after talking to my husband (Tem Villafuerte) about unit 1225 of Tower C on April 18, 2011.And then I paid.By May 18, 2011, the cost was 125,000 pesos.We signed a sales contract in the same week.Sally told me that after we finished all the documents they needed from me, she would inform me when to start the unit.Like a copy of the bill, a copy of my ID card and a copy of the expired check, I have provided these copies within 5 days.A week after I followed Sally, if the unit had already started running, she said she was confirming which contractor our unit would be going to the new San Jose construction company.Since they sub-Organize the unit contract.A week later, I texted Sally again and asked her how she was going.She said she saw our unit still on the list.I asked how long it would take.She said she was pretty sure the unit had already started over the next week.On June 4, 2011, we met again with Sally Burhart and Carlos Marco (Project director) to sign the floor plan of our unit.She said it will start immediately after that day.We visited the unit in June 13 but did nothing.I contacted Sally again.She didn't reply so I texted Lani Zapata.She also said the unit will start work this weekend.I am also worried because we have paid a monthly Amortization of 655 p.28 nothing happened in the last two weeks and eventually on June 24, 2011 Lani called us and asked us to sign another floor plan.We said we signed the plan.It is clear, she said, that the former Eurasia contractor was fired and would be replaced by a draft.Tom was already angry, so he went to talk to Carlos Marko and Jordan.The vice president of sales department) Tem made it clear that we are no longer interested in the department because nothing happened and we would like a refund.MJ said we should write a letter and send it to Mary Grace villarcotta, first vice president of sales at Vitoria tower.On July 4, 2011, she submitted the letter with Ms.Villacorta.He made it very clear that we were no longer interested.She said she would forward the letter to the President for consideration.I visited their office again and worked with Ms.Villacorta was in July 8, 2011 because I found out from Lani that this unit has already started.I told Ms.Villacorta we are not interested in whether they are successful or not, what we are interested in is when they will refund.She said we don't even need to complain since the July 18, 2011 deadline.I told her we didn't care because we knew the unit wouldn't be ready in 10 days.She insisted. tell me.I called the Tem and asked her to come to the office to make her understandVillacorta said that what she said to me was completely different from what she said to Tem.Tem's up, Madam.Villacorta suggested we move to the conference room and she just needs to talk to someone and she will join in a few minutes.An hour passed and nothing happened because we did not settle with the gentleman.Carlos Marco, Rani Zapata and Sally Burhart and another sales executiveChris Tina. in KamalaMs.Villarcotta stopped joining us and we left the office.They told us the next week that we had come to visit because we wanted to see.We only put aluminum frames when we first came.A week later, some tiles.Finally on July 25, 2011, they said that the unit was ready to ship, and we checked the unit and found that they did not follow the plan we approved and signed.However, they designed it themselves.They were still negotiating when we moved in.We said it was too late.We tell them over and over again that we don't want it anymore.Then Sally told us that our request was rejected.We request a copy of the rejection letter and a copy of all the documents we have signed.They don't have any denial letters, and Ms.Villacorta just emailed us.On 2011, on last July, we filed a complaint with the housing land use supervision committee.We provide a written statement about our complaint.We are waiting for a written response from the new San Jose Construction CompanyHLURB said they would give them 10 days.We met at HLURB sometime in September 1, 2011 and were assigned to Michael de Nava.Mr. mediator.When counsel for the new San Jose construction company asked if we wanted to accept their unit, de Nava had just facilitated her.We said no.So the mediator suggested an adjournment.Mr.De Nava said we should file a formal complaint with the office on the other side of the building.I was given some requirements to fill in and was told I had to pay more than £ 500.Construction fee of value 00.There are also some notarized documents.Unfortunately, my husband Tem left Australia on October 21, 2011 and I was unable to resubmit my complaint to HLURB.However, I have completed some of the documents required for the complaint before submission.When I tried to talk to my former sales agent last week, I found out that the new San Jose construction company had sold our unit.They did not tell us about this and we still did not receive a refund of 195,310.56 pesos plus interest plus 23,655 pesos.Pay a deposit of 28 pesos per month.Plus the 25,000 pesos we booked for Unit C tower 1219Therefore, we would like to receive a full refund of all the fees we pay, as well as any allowable interest that the government may impose on our refund delay.Seller: new San Jose construction company Tel (02) 426-Presidential Building, 81 Timothy Avenue.
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