bathroom light fixtures Cleaning Routine Over Two Weeks

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-01

Whether you clean things as you see them, or wait until there is a mess, a house cleaning list will help you arrange your time and keep your cleaning work on track.The cleaning service uses the house cleaning list to make sure they clean everything that needs to be cleaned in the house.Cleaning experts advise you to clean your house thoroughly twice a weekWeekly or monthly depending on the space you need to clean at home and the time you have to clean.I have a bi-My house is cleaned once a week.In two weeks, I finished all the regular cleaning chores.After the two week cycle, I started a new two week cycle.By cleaning and using the house cleaning list on a regular basis, I can clean everything in the house and I will not miss anything that needs to be cleaned in the house.For example, I may clean the toilet every Wednesday.Every Tuesday, I'm a bed sheet for the kids.On weekdays, I clean a floor of living space every day (I live in a townhouse ).When I finished cleaning the floor, I went on the stairs.Having a list of household cleaning makes my life easier because I can share the chores every day.I know I have about 30 minutes of cleaning every day.I separated it, so in two weeks I had 30 minutes of cleaning the house every day.I like it too, I can look at my schedule and see the cleaning chores I need to do that day.It's good to cross these things off my list!-Wash the sheets, put them back on the bed, or put a fresh set of sheets on the bed.-Either with a feather duster or with paper and towels.If you are allergic to dust, make a mortgage with a tissue you can throw away.-Hard enough with a broom-to-reach areas.-Spray the pledge on the towel and wipe it when the light goes out.-Wet the towel with soap and water and clean the counter.-Put the wet sponge in the microwave and turn it on for 60 seconds.Close the microwave door for 5 minutes and let the steam drain naturally from gunk.Wipe the sundries in the microwave with sponge.-Throw the removable burner into the dishwasher or put it in hot soapy water for half an hour.Scrub the sundries and wipe them clean.-Fill the sink half with warm water and dishwashing soap.Scrub clean with a sponge.-Spray vinegar on the window.Wipe the glass clean with a crumpled newspaper without stripes.-To clean the grill, heat the grill and scrub and scrape the grill with the grill cleaning tool.Wipe the inside with a wet paper towel.-Throw the toaster oven tray and rack into the dishwasher.Scrape the pieces out.Wipe the toaster oven clean with a wet towel.-Fill the tub in half with warm water and spray a shampoo in the tub.Scrub the tub clean until it no longer feels dirty.-Bleach is very useful for removing bacteria from the toilet and sink.Use clean gloves when using bleach, otherwise the skin on your hands will dry.-The lamps in the bathroom collect dust and then get clogged with moisture.Remove the bulb and wipe it gently to remove the built-in bulbup dust.-Spray vinegar on the mirror.Wipe the crumpled newspaper with circular motion to clear the pieces and leave the stripesfree shine.-When you clean the walls, be careful not to knock them off the walls.-Wipe the substrate with a warm wet towel.-When you walk up the stairs, wrap the railing with a wet towel and wipe the railing.Every 30 days to 3 months, this is more common if you are allergic or notice a lot of dust in your home..By doing one at a time, it makes it easier to manage.
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