Bassmead is the best - iron and crystal chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
Bassmead is the best  -  iron and crystal chandelier
Wedding venue, Bassmead Manor Barns, located in St. nowz, won the title of country wedding venue at 2017 wedding industry awards.
Through a combination of feedback and judges' opinions, they beat seven other regional winners and won the national best prize.
Bassmead Manor Barn, owned by the Squire family since 1845, is a large modern farm with second-class listed farmhouses and numerous barns.
The rickety barn has a history of 300 and has the capacity of 150 guests under the exposed beams and wrought iron chandeliers.
Wedding breakfast in open space in wood-
The framed bridge barn and pigeon house overlooking the garden is the honeymoon suite at the east end of the long barn.
Cordelia Squire, who owns the venue with her husband Richard, said: "We are honored and happy to be the TWIA national wedding venue in 2017 (countryside).
As the venue owner and the entire team here, it means a lot to both Richard and me.
We are passionate about providing a beautiful venue, quality service and the days our couple dream.
It is humbling to know that we have achieved this for so many couples, and of course we will try to continue doing so in the future.
"The country house wedding venue has been working with Bassmead Manor Barns for years to handle the marketing aspects of their operations and help the venue grow.
A spokesman for CHWV said, "We can't think of a venue that is more worthy of this award than Bassmead.
It is a pleasure to work with such a unique venue and we look forward to helping them achieve more and more.
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