bar pendant light How Far Apart Should You Space Pendant Lights?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
bar pendant light How Far Apart Should You Space Pendant Lights?
The chandelier is a personal design that also provides a practical source of lighting for any room.The most common of these stylish fixtures is on the kitchen island, counter or family bar, and when there is a proper spacing between each lamp, they work best.For functional and adequate lighting, the spacing between the chandeliers should be uniform.The exact distance between each lamp is based on the number of available spaces, but the standard rule of thumb is to separate the lamp by 30 inch.Measure the distance between the bulbs, not the edge of the fixture.An exception of 30-The inch rule is if you hang three chandeliers on a short kitchen island.In this case, shorten the distance between each lamp, but ensure that the spacing is uniform.If you are using the chandelier more for beauty than functionality, you can play the placement game.As long as the installation and safety guidelines are followed, there are few design rules.Place your chandelier on a table or private seating area and change the height of each lamp to produce a dramatic effect.
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