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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-21

Throughout history, chandeliers are used to decorate the interior of important buildings such as castles and palaces around the world.Buying true crystal chandeliers is not a spontaneous shopping splurge, and the type of glass and model selection can be quite complicated.Are you Strass, Swarovski, bohemian, Italian or Egyptian?Each of them has their own story, so you will buy not only an ornament, but also a historical relic.The oldest of all glass workers is from Egypt.Archaeological evidence suggests that the first glass object to be found was glass beads of approximately 1540 Egypt.Studies have shown that Egyptians are the first to discover the beautiful crystals created by sand and lead.Egyptian crystal is considered one of the best glass types in the world for its historical value.Italian glass usually refers to the Venetian glass manufacturer and Murano glass, their most famous product.Murano Island, located on the shore of Venice, Italy, became an important commercial port in the 7 th century.However, Murano glass workers were unknown until the 10 th century.Murano's glass workers have been monopolizing high quality glass art for centuries, and in other crystal glass and many morecoloured glass.Today, Murano's glass industry is still one of the best glass in the world, using these centuries-old technologies.The history of the Bohemian crystal tradition began in the 12 th century. The Kingdom of Bohemia is a historical area of central Europe, occupying two WesternThird place in traditional Czech land.Bohemia is part of the former Czech Republic and is now known as the Czech Republic.Bohemian people began to convert wood fibers into glass works using only the original methods.Bohemian glass workers first discovered that potash and chalk created a clear glass that exceeded the quality of Italian glass products.Bohemian crystal is known for its excellent cutting and engraving.Their technology gives the Bohemian region the power to take Prague as its capital, and Prague becomes the main center of this new glass art craft.The Czech Republic and Slovakia produce famous crystal products.In order for this product to come with a Bohemian crystal label, the whole product must be produced in the area.In addition, in order to obtain the certification of the trademark "Bohemian crystal", it must pass the strict quality standards imposed by the Czech Republic.Bohemian crystal is probably the most affordable compared to other glass brands.Strass crystals are equivalent to the crystals originally collected from the Rhine, which flows from the Swiss Alps to the Dutch coast.Crystal rhinestones are mainly used as jewelry and are mainly produced by the Swarovski brand in Austria and the presiosa in North Bohemia.Swarovski and Strass crystals are almost the same in price, and Strass is more expensive of both.In 1775, jeweler Georg Friedman Strass came up with the idea of imitating diamonds with rhinestones, applying the glass to a layer of metal powder to make the strass crystal resistant to dirt and dust.Thanks to this special coating and precise cutting, the Strass crystal chandelier is the most expensive of all crystal glass.It is clear that the glass chandelier, which surprised us throughout history, is still a symbol of wealth and exclusivity.Glass lp is a company that makes crystal and crystal chandeliers according to Bohemian tradition.Visit the website www.glasslps.Eu/es or contact henrieta mackova Phone: 34 607 969 114 or e-Mail: [mailbox]xa0Protection ).
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