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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-03

Cool Craft Ideas for adultsNow that I 've come up with some cool craft ideas for adults, art and crafts are no longer just for kids.I like to try new whiskey and hate to throw away bottles when I come across a fun bottle or a rare brand.I kept these empty bottles until now and didn't really do anything to them.So I guess, what is the way for adults to turn these whiskey bottles into a cool craft idea?The answer is to try three different attempts to turn whisky bottles into simple, cheap artwork.I have to prove first that I am lazy, which shows how easy it is to fire these whisky bottle crafts.I made these three while drinking a whisky and watching a top-rated movie.Clean up your favorite whisky bottle and fill it up with decorative stones.I bought these pebbles at the dollar store.I used Jack Daniels, a senior brand Gentleman Jack bottle of Tennessee found that the sign of Gentleman Jack looks similar to the antique whisky bottle, and I think the simple and ancient stone might fit it well.Cost: $2.The price of whiskey is not important because you will like it anyway.If any, it will encourage you to look for new whiskey and unique bottle designs.You can obviously find some stones on the beach, but I repeat, I'm lazy.I started with a bunch of loose change that was just in a bag.If you don't have a can of spare change, go to the bank and buy a few rolls of coins.Make sure the whisky bottle is dry so the coins don't lose their shine.Pour the rolls directly into the jar and take only a few minutes.For this cool craft idea, I used a bottle of 6 year old Russell to reserve Kentucky Straight Rye.I am a huge fan of rye and this is a delicious batch.I also like the combination of this wooden cap and cork, so I can only keep the bottle.I found this bottle with a good friend on a road trip in Tennessee, so it also has some emotional value.For adults, the cool craft idea made me a mouse in a more aesthetic Manor.Cost: if no one steals the bottle, the money will be there when I am tired of the bottle.Unfortunately, for me, the coins sitting in the jar did a better job than all my other recent investments.Cool Craft Ideas for adultsReally, there are dozens of filling options in the bottle.I chose a 12 year old Canadian club from the dollar store to buy color bottles and a bottle of tropical blue acrylic paint.Make sure the bottle is clean and dry with no grease or anything that prevents the paint from sticking to the bottle.Protect the outside of the bottle so that the paint does not ruin it.Pour the pain of the whole bottle inside and the ss rustle until the whole bottle is saturated.Then pour the paint back into the original container.Everything is a first try for me, but you can make a second coat if needed.Cost: 10 cents loss of deposit LPlus $1.13 for paint.Frankly, it's not necessarily just a cool craft idea for adults, it could also be an idea for a birthday, housewarming or a gift for Father's Day/Mother's Day.I appreciate that this is just one of many cool crafts, but it is really very simple, direct and cheap and I will put it at the top as a starting point.I hope you like cool craft ideas for adults.
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