antique chandelier parts Styles of Antique Chandelier Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
antique chandelier parts Styles of Antique Chandelier Lighting
Chandelier has many uses.In addition to the obvious use of driving away the darkness and setting emotions, the chandelier can also express your own aesthetic feelings and impress the tourists with its beauty and workmanship.Whether you want lighting or want to impress, or both, getting familiar with the lighting style will help you choose the right chandelier.The chandelier in the late 19 th century was designed according to the requirements for safe use of gas.The chandelier arm spacing is far enough to avoid overheating.The glass ball comes with the gas jet up.Those days, less is more.The Victorian chandelier features gorgeous brass details as well as colorful or etched glass tones.From about 1880 to 1920, chandeliers are usually upFacing the gas jet and downLight bulb facing.A long time ago, most antique gas units were powered by cable.Modern electric replicas sometimes move upand downward-Fixed-facing device.From about 1900, the arts and crafts movement has influenced everything in the country, including architecture, furniture, textiles and lighting.Mission style is probably the expression of the most famous art and crafts.Like the square, the oak furniture and lighting during the day also have square lines and natural --Look at the materialThe chandelier arm is usually made of a square pipe at a 90-degree angle.The materials include real patinated bronze, original iron and warmthhued mica --Or look like them.The recent revival of art and craft styling means that there are many modern reproductions of different quality.By 1920, more and more furniture, accessories, and House accessories have come in classic shapes that remind patriotic homeowners of colonial America.Designers take clues from examples of historical colonial times.Both in polished, Baroque styleThe chandelier is made of brass or simple Ironwood and looks like a real candle fixture that was later used to power up.High quality Colonial Revival chandeliers, both antique and modern, are made of solid brass, wood or iron elements.Examples of lower quality antiques abound, made of brassPlated steel plates and glass tones produced in large quantities.In the 20 years after the International Modern Industrial and Decorative Art Fair, held in Paris in 1925, lighting was influenced by decorative art styles.Surprisingly, decorative lighting is usually not as clean as the stylish interiors shown in Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies or cinemas.Most homeowners need less serious styling.The overall line is similar to the example of an advanced style, but with a curled decorative and decorative surface.Wall lights and chandeliers on the walls often boast cute etched slippers shades and are now once again appreciated by old house lovers.Clean lines, general lack of decoration, pay attention to modern materials, which makesModern chandelier in the century is beyond recognition.Look for plastic, stainless steel, fiberglass and painted surfaces.Shades can be wide drums, geometric shapes, cones or discs like flying saucers.After about 1965, the style rested for a while, but made a comeback in the early 21st century.Affordable originals are still available.However, if you are looking for chandeliers from famous designers and manufacturers today, the cost can be very expensive.
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