antique chandelier parts How to Transport Crystal Chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
antique chandelier parts How to Transport Crystal Chandeliers
The chandeliers are the elegant center of the room, but this elegance also makes it difficult for them to transport safely.When moving the chandelier, wrap it with some tips from professionals.Buy a transport box in size 4-for ChandelierThere is a few inches of extra space on each side and bottom.Cut two 1-by-1 piece of wood so that they are 2 inch shorter than the shipping box without a lid.Cut the third piece of wood so that it extends from one end of the crate to the other end of the center at the top of the crate.By inserting screws from the outside, the two side blocks are fixed to the side of the center of the crate.Place the top on the ledge created by the side block and screw it into the appropriate position to insert the screws down into the top and the top of the side block.Repeat on the other side.This creates a hanging place for the chandelier in transit.Remove the chandelier from the ceiling and keep any mounting hardware.Separate loose parts such as hanging hardware, screws or finials and place them in plastic bags.Remove any crystals that can be separated and package them in the packaging organization.Put these in the bag.Tie these bags to the inside of the crate with packing tape, where they don't touch the chandelier.Feed the rope through the installation chain of the chandelier.If the chain is not installed, wrap the rope around the mounting arm and tie it firmly.Tie the other end of the rope to the top of the transport box so that the chandelier hangs at least 2 inch above the bottom of the crate.Wrap around the pendant with excess hanging chains and any wires to protect them during transportation.Finally, cushion the chandelier in case of damage.Put a garbage bag around the chandelier filled with packed peanuts.When you are full of peanuts, put the peanuts in the bag to make sure the peanuts keep the chandelier part separate.Fasten the bag once it's full.Fill the inside of the box with packed peanuts to protect the chandelier from shaking.Pin the top of the crate down and mark it with "fragile" and indicators that show where the crate should stand to prevent it from being flipped in transit.
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