antique brass chandelier value Instructions for Cleaning Old Brass

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
antique brass chandelier value Instructions for Cleaning Old Brass
Cleaning the old and antique brass can be a very frustrating job as the brass is oxidized and stained over time.However, proper cleaning is critical because improper cleaning can permanently damage the brass if you fail.If you collect the value of brass, remember that any cleaning work will have a negative impact on the overall value, so consult a brass specialist before trying to clean a piece of valuable brass.The paint protects the brass from oxidation, but the old brass--Antique brass in particular-It should not be painted.Still, if brass has been incorrectly painted in the past, you should remove the paint first before you try any other cleaning procedures.Pour the hot water directly and gently onto the brass, soften the paint and peel it off.If hot water fails, rub the brass with transgender alcohol or nail polish remover.The painted brass will have a slight yellow color.Brass cleaners can do this sometimes, but for antique brass, try soaking the metal with undiluted white vinegar or clear ammonia for an entire hour.Both are safe and natural products that break down oxidation to keep the brass naturally shiny.If the brass object is too large to soak in vinegar or ammonia, or if it contains non-brass parts that may be damaged by acid immersion, proceed to the next section.The combination of lemon juice and salt can also be decomposed and oxidized, due to the strong combination of citric acid and sodium chloride.Just cut the lemon in half, sprinkle salt on the wet surface and scrub the entire brass surface.Rub as hard as possible and slowly remove the gloss.You can also try rubbing the ketchup on your brass and rinse it.The tomato sauce also contains acid that destroys the luster.Do not paint on old brass.If you want to keep your old brass as new and protect it from oxidation, treat it with very light acid every few weeks, such as ketchup or white vinegar, it contains only 5% of acetic acid.Avoid the use of rough metal polishing agents as they leave residues.
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