3 light pendant light fixture how to

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-05
When replacing embedded lighting with flushInstallation of lighting, the most important issue is how to deal with the holes in the ceiling left by the embedded lighting device.In most cases, flushThe mounting fixture will cover the holes occupied by the recessed fixture.Whether you patch the hole with new drywall, adhesive tape and seam compounds or something, the idea is to seal the space between the room and the attic.As with any electrical project, check the local code to make sure you can do this without hiring an electrician.
Find the circuit breaker that powers the embedded lighting and turn it off.Place the ladder under embedded lighting.
Remove the lid and bulb.Take Back the screws that fix the cover plate on the electrical connection with a screwdriver and remove the cover plate.
Find the screws that fix the wiring of the embedded lamps.Turn them in a counter-clockwise direction until the wires can be removed from the fixture.Check the recessed fixtures to see if they can be removed from the room.If so, take out the screws and pull out the fixtures from the ceiling.If not, climb into the attic and find the fixture for the depression.
Fix the screws fixed on the ceiling beam to the bracket.Push the screw out with a screwdriver and remove the fixture from the hole.
Place the plywood between the ceiling support beams and on the holes made for recessed lighting.Apply the wood glue where the plywood meets the ceiling pallet.
Two two-by-4S on plywood (and glue) and fix them on the ceiling pallet with drywall screws.Drill holes in the center of plywood with 1-1Paddle bit in inch and feed the wire through the hole.Climb down from the attic.
Insert the end of the white line from the ceiling and the white line from flush-Install the fixture into the wire nut and turn the nut until the nut is tightened.Repeat this with black lines.
Ensure safe FlushingInstall the lamps to the ceiling according to the manufacturer's instructions.Install the bulb and cover.Open the circuit breaker.
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