3 bulb pendant light how to hang a pendant light from a vaulted ceiling | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-07

Installing the chandelier from the arched ceiling can make any decoration look dramatic.The chandelier is hung on a chain, a stick, or a rope from the ceiling.Normally, you can't install a chandelier on a regular ceiling-In addition to the area above the kitchen island and pool table--Because they hang low.However, if you have a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, you can bring the light closer by adding a chandelier to the room.Installing the chandelier from the arched ceiling is the same way as installing the lamp from other types of ceilings.Turn off the power to the room where the chandelier is installed.Power off at the circuit breaker or fuse box.Test the lights in the room by turning on and off the light switch to make sure you turn off the power.Screw down the screws connecting the lamp and its dome-Canopy shaped with a screwdriver from the ceiling.Screw the screws at both ends of the beam with a screwdriver and remove the beam from the electric box.Put down the old lamps from the ceiling.Assemble pendant lamps according to manufacturer's instructions.Screw the threaded pipe of the lamp into the middle of the beam.Tighten the lock nut onto the beam using pliers.Screw the bar back to the electric box inside the ceiling with screws at both ends of the bar.Twist the like-Carefully connect the colored wire together and cover the end of the wire with the wire nut.Wrap the green line on the chandelier around the ground screw.Carefully push the wires into the ceiling.Canopy or dome with hand-held chandelier--Flush with the ceiling-Lean against the arched ceiling and fix it on the surface with the screws attached to the lamp.Fix the shade and screws of the chandelier on the bulb.Turn on and test the light again by turning on and off the light switch.
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