According to these 3 points to buy bedroom full copper lamp is right

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
The bedroom is a place for people to rest and sleep. It is very important to choose a suitable full copper lamp. How should the bedroom full copper lamp be purchased? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian. First, the size of the bedroom space, choose the bedroom full copper lamp first to consider the size of the bedroom, if the bedroom area is small, then the choice of the bedroom full copper is suitable, you don't have to pursue luxury and atmosphere too much. You can deliberately choose large specifications. You can recommend some simple all-copper ceiling lamps or semi-chandeliers. If the bedroom area is really large, you can consider all-copper chandeliers. Second, the bedroom floor height determines the thickness of lamps according to the bedroom floor height. Generally speaking, if the House height is less than 2. The 8m bedroom is suitable for small and light copper lamps, if the House height is 2. 8- For a 5m bedroom, a thicker and fuller full copper lamp should be selected. Third, the shape of the bedroom, now people are pursuing the beauty of personality, different aesthetics, the shape of the bedroom is also diverse, so when choosing the bedroom full copper lamp, be sure to pay attention to the shape of the bedroom, try to choose a full copper lamp that is consistent with its shape and style.
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