Absorb dome light installation knowledge

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Absorb dome light installation 0 - knowledge 0 - Absorb dome light, just as its name implies, for lamps and lanterns is flat, installation at the bottom of the above named completely on the roof, absorb dome light, though not droplight fashion variety of appearance, but in the light distribution, price, installation, maintenance, etc, have their own advantages, and the height limitation determines the main is to absorb dome light, and therefore absorb dome light in everyday lighting is widely used in the place such as sitting room, bedroom and corridor household integral illume, but after a lot of people buy the dome light but don't know how to install, we compiled the detailed installation steps, for reference: a, absorb dome light installation - Steps and unpack absorb dome light, will base their own thread to remove; And remove the tubes to prevent immodesty drop (in the process of installation Absorb dome light usually bring light source) ; , after removed the tubes, the dome light base on the ceiling, draw the lamp hole location; , mark the location of the well hole, hole on the ceiling, the actual size of the need to refer to absorb dome light lamp hole drilling to determine the size of the; After, good drill holes into the colloid to fixed screws; , the installed base, turn a point of view, the fastening screws, disconnect the power, connection, and then put the lamp back, carefully check the installation and wiring is correct specification of lamps and lanterns, wiring is strong; Whether can normal electricity, electricity test lamps and lanterns, confirm the running status of lamps and lanterns of 0, cover chimney, finished second, precautions for installation, before installation, check the dome light is intact appearance, wire line core cross section size is appropriate, wires and connectors to have fixed, in order to avoid the phenomenon of poor contact. , installed in the masonry structure, absorb dome light, should use the embedded bolt, or with bolts, nylon or plastic plug, do not use wooden wedge; And the carrying capacity of the fixed piece should match with the weight of the dome light, to ensure absorb dome light fixed solid, reliable, prolong its service life. , fixed socket bolt should not be less than the number of lamps and lanterns at the base of the fixed number of holes, and bolt diameter should match with aperture; The base of lamps and lanterns (without fixed mounting holes When installation, punch) , each lamps used for fixed bolts or screws should not be less than one, and the center of gravity of lamps and lanterns should be in conformity with the bolts or screws in the center of gravity; Only when the diameter of the insulation stage in mm and the following, can only use a bolt or screw. , absorb dome light cannot be installed directly on the flammable objects, in order to beautiful paint after the plywood lining on the back of the dome light is actually quite dangerous, heat insulation measures must be taken. If high temperature near the fuel surface of lamps and lanterns, heat insulation or cooling measures. , if using a screw lamp holder in the dome light, its connection also note the following two points: (1) phase line on the center of contact terminals, they can zero line up on the thread of the terminal; (2) the lamp holder of the insulation shell should not have broken and the leakage, to prevent electric shock when replacement bulbs. And equipped with incandescent light bulb absorb dome light, the light bulb should not be close to the chimney; Bulb of power also should choose according to the requirements of product technology, not too big, in order to avoid the light bulb temperature is exorbitant, after the glass broken down splashed down cuts. And absorb dome light, and power into the line connecting the two threads, electric contact should be good, still wrapped in black tape, respectively, and keep a certain distance, if possible try not to put two threads under the same metal piece, in order to avoid short circuit, a danger: villa lamp is acted the role of knowledge in the next article: recommendations about how to choose high-grade star hotel lighting lighting products
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