About the basic knowledge of zhongshan crystal droplight

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
About the basic knowledge of zhongshan crystal droplight: if zhongshan crystal droplight long use, also need regular maintenance can be, so maintenance should be a lot of people need to ask questions. Today will bring you some zhongshan crystal droplight to maintain the basic common sense: 1, to do is install qualified, generally after purchase will zhongshan crystal droplight, installation work is done my own family. It may appear some problems, which, after all, we are not also installation personnel, can only rely on the simple drawings and your own thinking to install. 2, specification is used, want to have a closer look at the instructions before use, it will clear wrote the zhongshan crystal droplight of the use of tutorials and some matters needing attention. Such as do not frequently switch, so that the damage to the starter. 3, regular cleaning, zhongshan crystal droplight of dust, no matter in what place can avoid the erosion of dust, if long time don't clean up will cause the light outlet contact undesirable. Related searches: European style crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, details please visit: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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