A restaurant chandelier, a romantic encounter

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
The first time I saw you, I was leading my newly married wife to the lighting store. My wife and I were preparing for our new house. The decoration of the house was almost finished, and finally the lamps were selected. Somehow, when my wife and I were watching the chandelier in the living room, we were suddenly attracted by the chandelier next to the restaurant. When I saw you at first sight, I felt a little amazing. The style was simple and generous, without too many complicated decorations. Six petal-shaped glass lampshades surrounded the middle flower, the curved copper wall looks very comfortable, and even the lamp disc is all copper. Looking at You emitting soft light, I was a little intoxicated. Later, the shopping guide introduced you to us before you left. Your name is SC50820-07B. My wife and I smiled at each other, and the restaurant chandelier chose you. Later, our life was accompanied by you, and you witnessed the happy life of my wife and me. A restaurant chandelier, a romantic encounter!
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